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Chapter 280: Divorce


Yun Yecheng slowly said: “Things are in the past, but I cannot forgive her.

I can’t just let it go!”

Yun Yecheng said as he took out a handkerchief from his chest.

Inside, there was a wrapped bank passbook. Yun Yecheng looks at Yun Shishi and said: “There are more than five million yuan here.”

“Five million……”

“Mmm.” Yun Yecheng continued: “This is the extra payment that the employer gave you.”

This was the extra payment that Mu Yazhe’s secretary handed to him.

He didn’t touch any single penny in it.

He deposited everything to this bank passbook.

Afterward, he also deposited the extra money he earned from his work.

Although it’s not much, he has a clear intention.

With this money in hand, he was planning to use it as Yun Shishi’s dowry, when she wants to get married.

He is already old, he doesn’t have much strength.

He is not as agile as he was younger.

Every month, he earns 3,000 yuan.

After removing their living expenses, he saves the rest.

So, in this past few years, he successfully avoided touching this money.

He has always been keeping close this bank passbook to himself.

He didn’t mention this bank passbook to Yun Liqin.

He knew she will be greedy once she learned about this.

Yun Shishi thought that he had used all the money in her surrogacy to pay off his debt.

But, when Yun Na had an accident.

he was looking for an opportunity to discuss this matter with her.

He wanted to ask Yun Shishi if she can lend him a few hundred thousand yuan for Yun Na’s surgery.

He thought Yun Shishi will consider it because she has always been a filial daughter.

But all of a sudden, he learned the truth about six years ago.

He felt his world turn upside down.

He cannot accept it.

And today, he is really determined to divorce Yun Liqin.

Therefore, he is returning this bank passbook to the original owner.

“Although the price of the house in the capital is expensive.

This money is enough for you to buy a decent one.

Although dad is going to get divorced.

The two of us will still be a father and daughter.

In the future, if you have time, bringing Youyou with you to have a meal with dad is enough!”

“Dad … this money…”

Yun Yecheng said: “This is your money.

I didn’t tell you earlier because I know how that woman’s mind works! Now, that it is your hands.

You live happily with Youyou.

Youyou is sick, so you also needed money.

This money will help you solve the urgent problem!”

“Thank you, Dad… …” Yun Shishi took the bank passbook and smiled.

“Dad, you said that even if you and Liqin divorced.

We are still a father and daughter.

So, let’s live together.

I will take care of you and Youyou.”

Yun Yecheng hesitated, but then said, “It’s not good to live together.

Don’t you still get that woman’s temper That woman is greedy.

She is used to living in luxury.

If I lived together with you, she will run to you again.

I’m afraid that you and Youyou will only get in trouble.

You now have a chance to live a good life, I will not drag you back!”

Yun Yecheng said sincerely because he really wanted the mother and son to have a good life.

After all, with Yun Liqin’s temper, she will not stop from here.

Yun Yecheng used the word “that woman” to call Yun Liqin, to show that he is really tired of this marriage life now.

He had done everything he could to pay Yun Na’s medical bills.

For this daughter, he also did everything he could do for her to live a good life.

Now, she ended up in this situation, he is sad, but he should let her go.


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