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Chapter 3378: Nirvana (19)

Little Yichen held his breath in horror!

The next second, the wave hit him and sent him deep into the sea.

Little Yichen opened his mouth, and the salty seawater gushed in.

For a moment, he felt like he was drowning! It was so real that it did not seem like a dream.

It was as if it was really happening!

He opened his eyes.

Through the blurry wall of seawater, he saw the boy treading the water with a graceful ease and leaving.

He opened his mouth to call out to the boy, only to take in gulps of bitter seawater…

“Arghhhh…” On the bed, Little Yichens eyes snapped open, his face wet with tears that kept rolling down.

It was a dream… an exhausting nightmare.

Outside the window, the sun had risen, its first rays falling on the backyard that was green and full of vitality.

He sat up with a jolt and looked around.

Sweeping his gaze around the empty room, he vaguely caught sight of the back view of a figure on the balcony.

The child was in a white shirt and standing in front of the French window.

Through the glass, the Chinese roses in the garden were visible.

Mu Yichen nervously clenched his fists as he looked at that figure.

His back stiffened as he quietly got off the bed and walked towards it.

His vision regained its focus as he finally recognized the living Youyou!

He opened his mouth in shock before finally finding his voice, “You…”

“Shh!” Youyou acted mysteriously as he raised his finger to his lips.

He turned around and opened his eyes that were as bright as the stars.

His distinct eyelashes made his eyes glisten beautifully! “Mu Yichen, look.”

Surprised, Mu Yichen looked in the direction he was pointing, only to see that the garden was in full bloom with Chinese roses.

“So beautiful!” Youyou smiled and his eyes curved like little cresecent moons.

He said, “Mu Yichen, Im leaving now.

You must take good care of Mommy and Yueyao when Im not around! Oh, and that stinky Daddy.”

Mu Yichen widened his eyes in shock.


With his hands behind his back, Youyou turned around and smiled radiantly at him.

“You have to take good care of yourself when Im not around!”

“Youyou!” Mu Yichen nervously reached out to grab his brothers sleeve.

“Where are you going…”

His hand caught only thin air.

He looked down at his hand in disbelief and tried to touch his brother again.

However, his hand passed right through the boys body, which was gradually turning transparent.

It was as if he was ascending to the heavens.

Mu Yichen took half a step back in horror as he looked at everything before him in disbelief.

Youyou suddenly opened his arms and threw himself into his embrace as he choked, “Yichen…”

Little Yichen instinctively wanted to hug him, but his hands passed through Youyous body again.

He trembled in fear, asking, “Youyou, where are you going” Unable to contain his emotions, he broke down and cried, “Youyou, dont go!”

Youyou looked up but only smiled.

Gradually, his body became more transparent and slowly disappeared from his embrace.

“Youyou…!” Mu Yichen woke up once again, sitting up in bed with a jolt.

It was only when he opened his eyes and saw the glaring sunlight streaming in from outside, that he realized that all that was not real.

It was a dream in a dream.

He regained some consciousness and looked down at his hands.

For a moment, he could not tell dream from reality.

He was exhausted.


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