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Chapter 3371: Nirvana (12)



In his dream, he was running crazily on the surface of the sea.

He kept looking back and noticing a child who looked exactly like him, slowly walking towards him.

The child looked at him coldly, his handsome face bearing an obstinate and gloomy expression.

He was dressed in black, as if he was one with the night, and had a palm-sized face similar to his own.

He had a head of black hair, and razor sharp eyes.

His thin lips were tightly pursed and the look in his eyes was frosty.

“Its useless.” The boy in black spoke.

He voice was cold and indifferent, like notes of a piano on a frozen sea.

He walked slowly on the water, calm and elegant, casual, even when the black waves hit him, he was not affected.

Although Youyou was in a sorry state and running, he could not shake the boy off.

“You wont be able to escape…”

“No, dont come near me…” Youyou ran forward like a madman.

Under his feet, the sea was a stretch of darkness.

Through the shallow waters, he seemed to be able to see the bottomless abyss, and it felt as though it was out to devour him.

The shark swung its tail from side to side and swam around.

From time to time, it opened its huge mouth to expose the bloody insides.

Rubbing his eyes, Youyou trod on the seawater and ran towards the open sea.

“Help me…”

“Help… help me…”

He turned his head from time to time to look.

The boy in black was catching up.

He let out a cry of surprise and widened his gait.

However, in the next second, the figure in black appeared in front of him in a flash.

He was caught off-guard and bumped into him.

The huge inertia sent Youyou reeling backward.

But the boy in black held his hand tightly and yanked him before himself, holding his shoulder.

Youyou finally saw his face clearly.

He had fair skin and a pair of jet-black eyes that were slightly bloodshot and a high nose bridge.

His lips were thin and frosty.

When he smiled, his white teeth were exposed.

“Where are you going”

Youyou asked warily, “Who… Who exactly are you”

“Who am I” The boy in black tilted his head and said coldly, “I am you.”

“Youre lying!” Youyou shook his head.

“What exactly do you want”

“Ive had enough of you.” The boy in black sneered arrogantly.

“Youyou, from today onwards, let me replace you, you dont deserve to exist.”


The boy in black gripped his shoulders tightly and pulled him into his embrace, using so much force as though he wanted them to merge into each other!

“Lets become one, let me replace you.”

Youyou struggled, but his strength was insufficient.

He could only feel his body gradually turning into thin air and slowly merging with the boy in black.

“No!” Youyous eyes were misty with tears.

“No… No…”

“Dont be afraid.” The boy in black smiled frostily and held the back of his neck.

As he lowered his head, his stone cold eyes opened slightly, revealing its sharpness.

“From now on, I am you and you will be reduced to nothing.”


“Youyou!!” Yun Shishi sat up in bed with a start.

She had woken up from a nightmare and was drenched in cold sweat.

She looked around.

In the dark bedroom, Little Yichen was sleeping beside her.

His brows were slightly furrowed, but he did not wake up.

Only then did she realize that she had just had a nightmare.

“Youyou… Youyou…”


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