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Chapter 3312: Sudden Changes (53)

She was extremely conflicted.

She felt that no matter what decision she made, it seemed wrong!

She really did not want to harm her!



If she did not do this, she had no other way to save her parents.

However, as much as her parents lives were important, wasnt Yun Shishis

What if she got into a dangerous situation

Who knew what that man would do to her!

She was in such a blissful place in life, with three adorable children and a husband who loved her deeply.

Was she going to ruin this happiness!

But what else could she do

What else could she do!

She really could not watch her own parents die! She could not!

She suddenly felt torn apart.

She desperately wanted to save her father and mother, but she began to hesitate.

Was her decision right or wrong

If Shishi came to any harm because of her selfishness, she would certainly suffer retribution and die a horrible death!

At once, Mu Xi was at a loss.

She covered her face with her hands in despair as tears seeped from between her fingers.

When Yun Shishi saw this, she immediately became anxious.

She took Mu Xis wrists and moved her hands away, revealing the pair of bloodshot eyes beneath.

“Whats the matter”

She quickly took out a wet towel and carefully wiped the girls tears.

She asked with great concern, “Mu Xi, why are you crying Did something happen”

Mu Xi looked at her with reddened eyes.

The more concerned she was, the greater the guilt and uneasiness she felt!

She bit down on her lip hard, wanting to tell her the truth.

“Shishi, my father…”

However, just as those words came out of her mouth, she stopped.

She suddenly recalled that mans threat.

If she told Yun Shishi the truth, her father wouldnt live!

Mom will die too…

Mu Xi hesitated again as she stared at Yun Shishi.

Her lips opened and closed a few times, but for a long time, she was unable to utter a single word.

When Yun Shishi saw her anxious expression, she misunderstood the girl.

“Whats wrong What has happened to your father”


“Is he sick”

Startled, Mu Xi abruptly turned her face away, closed her eyes, and slowly nodded her head.

In a hoarse voice, she said, “Yes…”

Hearing this, Yun Shishi laughed.

“So its because of this Why didnt you tell me earlier”

She took her wallet from the side.

As she rummaged through her wallet, she asked, “When did this happen What illness does your father have Is it serious”

Mu Xi nodded with difficulty.

“Yes… its a little serious.”

“You need money for medical fees, is that right Youve been looking unwell these days.

You must be worried.”

Yun Shishi suddenly took out a bank card and handed it to her.

“Theres some money in this card.

If you dont mind, just use it for emergencies!”

Her assistants gaze fell on the bank card as her tears rolled down her cheeks and her lips trembled.

“No, I cant take it…”

How could she accept it!

In what ways did she deserve it!

Mu Xi shook her head.

“I cant…”

“Theres no need to stand on ceremony…”

Yun Shishi took her wrist and stuffed the card into her hand without a word.

She said in a commanding tone, “Use it to get your father treated first.

If its not enough, I have more here.

If you really feel bad, you can write a loan slip and return the money when youve earned it in the future.



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