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Chapter 3230: Wedding Of The Century (15)

Under the dumbfounded gazes of Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen, Mu Yazhe sat on the ground and ordered, “Someone come and hold my feet down.”

Qin Zhou immediately walked over and pinned down his feet.

With his hands behind his head, he started the sit ups.

While Lu Jinyu was watching, Gong Jie urged him from inside the room, “The best man has to do it too.”

Jiang Shen cried and begged, “Brother-in-law! Spare me!”

Gong Jie said icily, “Whos your brother-in-law!”

Jiang Shen smacked his forehead.

Ah, I dont think I can call you that.

Its inappropriate.

He threw himself against the door and cried, “No matter who it is, you who are keeping guard at the door! You cant be doing this! My legs are weak after a hundred push-ups! Another hundred sit-ups, I might as well throw myself off the building!”

“Well, go ahead then.

Its only the second floor anyway.”

Lu Jinyu leaned against the door and negotiated.

“Brother, think about it from another perspective.

One day when you yourself get married, you wont be able to take it either, if your brother-in-law-to-be orders you to do a hundred push-ups at the door!”

Gong Jie said in disdain, “A hundred push-ups is nothing to me.

You guys are too weak.”

Too weak!

Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen werent going to take this sitting down

“He actually said were too weak”

“No way! Well prove it to them! Even a hundred sit-ups is a small matter!”

With that, Lu Jinyu sat down on the floor and allowed Jiang Shen to pin down his feet.

By the time everyone was done and Mu Yazhe was standing at the door, Gong Jie still had no intention of letting them in.

Xiao Xue ran out of the boudoir and walked to Gong Jies side.

Seeing that the poor groom had not been let in yet, she was stumped.

“Xiao Jie, are you still not letting them in Dont let the bride wait too long.”

Gong Jie replied, “Help me tell Sister that the bride should be more reserved.”


In the end, it was Mu Xi who came out to plead for mercy.

Only then did Gong Jie reluctantly open the door and let Mu Yazhe in.

The moment Mu Yazhe walked in, his aura was overwhelming.

Hua Jin was taken aback and immediately raised his hands in surrender.

“Brother-in-law, this was definitely not my idea!”

Gong Jie puffed out his chest and said in disdain, “Ill let you off today.”


Seeing that Mu Yazhe was perspiring profusely, Lu Jinyu quickly helped wipe his face down.

“You must be exhausted, Brother-in-law.” Although Gong Jie said this with a smile, he sized up the other man in a hostile manner.

Mu Yazhe stared at him for a long while.

His face tensed up for a moment before he suddenly revealed a magnificent smile.

“Just you wait.

Your time will come.”

Gong Jie returned the same provocative smile.

“Lets wait and see.”

Mu Yazhe walked to the entrance of the boudoir and knocked on the door.

His voice suddenly softened.

“Honey, Im here.”

In the room, Mu Xi was even more nervous than Yun Shishi when she heard the approaching footsteps.

It was only when Mu Yazhes gentle voice came from behind the door that she subconsciously reached out to open it.

Xiao Xue quickly stopped her.

“What are you doing”


Mu Xi reacted and immediately retracted her hand.

Xiao Xue glared at her and said, “We cant open the door yet! How could we allow him to see the bride so easily”

“Ah Xue.”

Through the door, Mu Yazhe gently called her name.

“Be good and open the door.”

Mesmerized by his magnetic voice, Xiao Xue subconsciously reached out to open the door.

Jun Mo quickly stopped her and frowned.

“Xiao Xue, are you crazy smitten”


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