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Chapter 3027: Its Only A Cut, Not Broken Bones

Gu Jinglian grit his teeth and sat back patiently.

This time round, Baby Chu was more careful.

He meticulously cleaned the wound, then applied some medicine, and wound some gauze around the arm.

“Done!” Baby Chu was overjoyed.

Gu Jinglian opened his eyes and saw that his arm was wrapped tightly in gauze, complete with a bow.

It was very feminine.

Such a thick bandage would only make people think that his hand was broken.

His expression clouded over as he remarked, “Is this what you mean by having ample experience”

“Is there a problem”

Gu Jinglian said icily, “Its only a cut, not broken bones.”

“Im only concerned that it will hurt if you hit something hard, like the corner of a table or something.

If its thicker, it wont hurt.” Baby Chu explained thoughtfully.

Gu Jinglian was rendered speechless again.

The moment Butler Fu walked in and saw Gu Jinglians bandaged arms that was wrapped up like dumplings, his expression instantly changed, after trying to suppress it for a long time, he finally burst out laughing loudly and uncontrollably.

“Old Master, is your hand broken”


This made Gu Jinglian fume.

“If you laugh again, Ill have your tongue removed.”

“Wooo…” Butler Fu quickly covered his mouth and restrained himself.

Baby Chu however, was a little aggrieved.

He frowned and asked sadly, “Is my bandaging skills that bad!”

“Hmph, what do you think” Gu Jinglian gave the boys bottom a kick.

“Go to bed.”

“Hmph! Biting the hand that feeds you mung bean cake! Youre so ungrateful!” Baby Chu mumbled as he returned to his room.

Gu Jinglian and Butler Fu looked at each other and asked in unison, “What mung bean cake!”

Butler Fu asked, “Old Master, would you like me to bandage your wound again”

“No, Im fine!” Gu Jinglian said sullenly, “Too troublesome!”

With that, he got up and returned to his room.

Butler Fu sniggered as the man walked away.

This Old Master didnt really mean what he said of course.

How was it troublesome He just couldnt bear to undo what the kid had done.

No matter how bad he thought it looked, it was his own son who did the bandaging!

The next day, it was all over the news that Song Zhengguo had fallen from grace.

The Discipline Inspection Commission had seized a lot of cash and gold bars from the Song family residence.

They had even found out that Song Zhengguo had bought properties overseas.

Apart from that, Song Yunxi had also been taken away for investigation.

It was said that Song Jianjun was spared because he was the one who exposed Song Zhengguos other hidden assets.

This was clearly a self protection move to put his own safety first!

When this news was announced, the entire city was shocked!

Song Zhengguo was the mayor of Beijing, and he had always appeared honest and upright in public.

How unexpected that he would embezzle such a huge amount of shady assets.

After the Discipline Inspection Commission had taken all items into account, it totaled up to over a billion yuan!

This did not even include Song Zhengguos unknown investments!

Apart from this, Jiang Qimeng had also been taken away for investigation.

This was such a significant incident that it alarmed the higher-ups.

Song Zhengguo had triggered a series of butterfly effects.

It was said that he had used his connections to uproot other people.

The government in Beijing underwent a huge reshuffle overnight.

On the other hand, another report caught the peoples attention.

Song Enya, who was initially engaged to Mu Yanchen, was now seriously injured and hospitalized.

Due to delays in treatment, she had lost a large amount of blood and suffered a brain hemorrhage, causing her to fall into a vegetative state.

Even the most authoritative doctor could not determine whether she would eventually come out of a coma.


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