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Chapter 229: Tender and delicate

But, Yun Shishi was still crying.

She was crying so much as if the world will now come to an end.

So, Mu Yazhe once again bullies her lips.

But this time, he mercilessly bites her soft lips.

Leaving a teeth mark.

As if by doing this, her tears will stop.


However, this bite, only make her cry even more.

Mu Yazhe’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t stop from kissing and biting her lips until he himself got out of breath.

And when her lips almost turn blue, he said: “Don’t cry!”


This woman in his arms didn’t felt shy and didn’t avoid his kisses, but she also didn’t cater them.

She only buried her face in her palms, so that she won’t able to see his face.

Mu Yazhe frowned.

This is a… … silent protest!

Is she protesting Does she think by protesting he will stop doing this He is not a gentle type of guy like Gu Xingze.

But, just by think of Gu Xingze, Mu Yazhe felt anxious for no reason.

Damn it!

“Woman, when do you plan to stop crying”

Mu Yazhe stared at Yun Shishi’s face, but because Yun Shishi was still ignoring him and she’s still burying her face in her palms.

He doesn’t know what facial expression she is making right now.

Mu Yazhe squinted his eyes, then he stretches out his arm to grab her hands that were covering her face.

With that, her face that was soaked with tears got exposed.

Yun Shishi’s whole face was flushing.

Especially, her eyes.

They were red and swelling.

Her face was already soaking wet with tears, but she’s still crying.

So, a person couldn’t help but wonder where those tears are actually coming from

Is this woman made out of water If not, then why are those tears keep flowing

Seeing this, Mu Yazhe couldn’t help but bow down his head and kiss her tears from the corner of her eye.

Her tears are a bit salty and warm but have an indescribable trace of bitterness.

Mu Yazhe kisses her eyes again, then he kisses her lips.

But this time, his kisses are not rough like earlier.

His kisses were very gentle.


Mu Yazhe lowered his head and kiss her tears.

Then, his kiss landed on her forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips once again.

But this time, his kiss is not deep and merciless.

His kisses were gentle.

Mu Yazhe kisses her lips more, but with utmost care.

Mu Yazhe had never kissed her tenderly like this, so Yun Shishi couldn’t help but felt surprised.

This man’s kiss right now is very affectionate, emotional, tender and delicate.

In which all women could recognize.

But while she’s still stupidly daydreaming, Mu Yazhe took off his shirt.

So, his delicate chest, shoulder, and clavicle were now exposed.

However, she can still see that he is being patient.

She knows that he wanted her, but this time, he’s being cautious.

Unlike when they were in the city.

Mu Yazhe gently places her in the bed and gently pressed her under his body.

His body’s temperature was hot.

As if his body wanted to burn her. 

It was hot, but it feels good… …

So, Yun Shishi’s tears unconsciously stop.

And in her surprised by the sudden change of his personality.

She even couldn’t afford to resist him!

And because of his gentle touch, her mind got blown away and she let herself bloomed under his body. 

Her ears can clearly hear his shortness of breath.

His breath was sometimes rapid and sometimes he seems suffocating.

Her eyes were wide open, but she cannot clearly see his face.

Because her mind totally went blank.

Showing that, she completely sank due to his gentleness.


And so, she just completely let herself submerge… …


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