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She had not been sleeping well.

Gu Xingzes voice kept ringing in her ears like a gentle whisper.


She abruptly opened her eyes and sat up in bed!



His voice sounded so real, as if he was right before her.

Yun Shishi could not see anything.

She tried her best to widen her eyes as her hands fumbled around, but she could only hear voices.

She could not see or touch anything.

For the past few days, she had not eaten or spoken a word.

However, when she heard his voice, her heart, which was withered and almost dead, suddenly revived and pounded from the excitement!

“Xingze, are you here”

Yun Shishi was in a trance, but there was only a single thought in her mind.


Xingze was right there next to her!

She heard his usual gentle voice.

She heard it!

“Xingze… ”


He seemed to be smiling gently as he called her name.

Yun Shishi rolled off the bed.

She could not see anything.

Her feet stumbled and her knee accidentally hit the edge of something, but she did not seem to register the pain.

She reached out and felt around.

“Xingze, where are you”

She groped her way towards the voice.

She heard it coming closer, closer.

She felt her way about forward, but her fingertips came into contact with the cold screen unexpectedly.

His voice came to her through the television.

“Shishi, Shishi…”

He kept calling out to her.

There wasnt the slightest hint of impatience in his voice.

Yun Shishis eyes widened as she leaned closer to the television screen.

She could only hear the gentle voice saying softly, “Perhaps, Ill never have the chance to call your name like this again.”

On the television screen, Gu Xingze was sitting in front of the camera.

He tilted his head slightly and smiled gently, just like when they first met.

It was even a little awkward and shy.

But she could not see this.

“The first time I heard this name, I thought it was a very nice name and it suited you very well.”

“Shishi, Im leaving.

Hmm… Im going somewhere far away…”

“Perhaps we will never meet again in this lifetime.”

Yun Shishis tears rolled down her cheeks when she heard this.

“I once caused you so much trouble, didnt I Hmm… Im sorry.

At the time, I couldnt help myself.

Because I liked you.

But some feelings cant be forced.”

“Xingze… ”

“But thats not going to be the case from now on.”


“The biggest regret of my life is that I met you a little too late.

I didnt want to accept it, and firmly believed that timing didnt matter when it came to love.

I wanted to give it my best effort, but I gradually realized that we couldnt be together.

Its not because I came too late.

Its because while I loved you, you didnt love me.”


“Shishi, I really, really love you! If I could, Id love you with my life!”


“How I wish you couldnt live without me.”


On the screen, Gu Xingze suddenly smiled and asked tenderly, “Why dont we make a promise to each other If theres a next lifetime, shall we meet again”


Yun Shishi raised her head.

Her eyes were filled with tears as she bit her lips tightly.

Her salty tears rolled down her cheeks and seeped through her lips.

“Ill definitely find you! Then, shall we spend a lifetime together”


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