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“Do I have to beg you”

Mu Yazhe gritted his teeth, his voice filled with pain and confusion.

He had never looked more helpless and lost!


“I cant lose you! Shishi, please eat a little, even if its only a bite, okay”

Gong Jie could no longer watch silently.

He walked to Yun Shishis side, pinched her cheeks, and forced her to open her mouth.

Mu Yazhe looked at him, and without hesitation, he hardened his heart and forcefully fed her the porridge with a spoon.

This could not go on.

“Has the food gone down”

Gong Jie asked.

Mu Yazhe nodded.


Its gone down.”

To think that the two men had put so much effort into feeding her.

Her body was not in the best condition and she had been in a state of hunger for a long time.

As a result, her lips were unusually dry and cracked.

The porridge had just been stewed this morning, so it was piping hot.

Mu Yazhe did not dare to load too much food and fed her in small mouthfuls.

Yun Shishi seemed cooperative, or perhaps it was just a subconscious reaction.

She mechanically opened her lips slightly and did not spit out what was forced into her mouth.

Instead, she chewed numbly and tried hard to swallow the food.

Gong Jies eyes lit up.

“Shes eating!”

Worried that she would throw up, he observed her nervously.

When she swallowed the mouthful of porridge, he felt the nagging heaviness in his heart finally falling away.

Gong Jie urged again, “Dont stop!”

He removed his hand from her face.

At last, Yun Shishi seemed to have regained some desire to eat.

When Mu Yazhe brought the porridge to her mouth again, she opened her mouth again and took in that mouthful of porridge.


The barely noticeable noise she made as she ate her porridge was more pleasant than the most beautiful symphony in the world!

Mu Yazhe seemed to have received a great boost in morale as he fed her half a mouthful of soup.

“Is it too bland”

Gong Jie added some vegetables and carrots, and Mu Yazhe once more fed that into her mouth.

However, she had only taken a few bites when her chest suddenly heaved up and down.

With a pained expression, she suddenly turned around and aimed at the bin.

With a retch, she spat out the mouthful of porridge she had just eaten.

Mu Yazhe looked at her in dismay.

The vomiting seemed to be worsening.

At first, it was sticky, undigested porridge that she threw up, but later on, she started throwing up stomach acid and bile.

Gong Jie looked painfully at her hunched body.

Expressionless after she was done vomiting, she stared blankly at the rubbish bin.

What was she thinking What was she looking at

Gong Jie quickly called the doctor.

Mu Yazhe wiped her mouth with a warm towel and looked at her steadily.

She had lost a lot of weight in the past few days.

Now she was like a bag of bones.

At this rate, shed have no more weight on her to lose.

Her waist, which was already slim to begin with, was almost disappearing now.

“Shishi… How can you be so weak!”

Mu Yazhe held her shoulders and asked sorrowfully, “What should I do with you!”

However, she seemed to have lost her ability to speak and did not reply.

Shortly after, Gong Jie returned with the doctor.

The doctor first took a look at the food and then at the things she spat out in the bin before shaking his head.

“Youve fed her so much food after she hadnt eaten for such a long time, of course she couldnt take it!”

“Is that a lot!”

Gong Jies chest heaved as he said angrily, “This is not even half a bowl.

How could you say this is a lot”


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