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Therefore, no matter how fiercely he glared at him, a certain little fellow did not seem to realize it.

He even climbed onto the man and made a face at him, sticking out his tongue!

Gu Jinglian could never resist his amusing expressions.

“Uncle, Uncle said that Mommy will come and get me soon, but Ive been waiting for a long time! Im wondering if shed still be trying to find me by the time my hair has turned white”

Gu Jinglian raised his eyebrows, slightly dissatisfied with this little kid for mentioning that woman again.

Eaten by jealousy, the man snorted and suddenly threw out the challenging evergreen question.

“Do you like Mommy or Uncle more”

“Of course Mom…” Before he could finish his sentence, Gu Jinglian heard the word “Mom” and his face darkened.

Baby Chu noticed that something was wrong with his expression and immediately changed the topic.

His eyes darted around quickly before he said with a smile, “Of course its Uncle!”

“Good boy.”

The man was satisfied and reached out to gently stroke his hair.

“But Baby Chu really misses Mommy!”

Baby Chu mumbled, “Is Mommy playing hide-and-seek with me Shes hiding in the corner on purpose and doesnt want to come look for Baby Chu!”

“She doesnt want you anymore.” Gu Jinglian deliberately scared him.

When Baby Chu heard this, his face was full of disbelief.

“Thats impossible! Mommy wont abandon me!”

“Oh Are you so sure” Gu Jinglian seemed to be very keen on sowing discord between the mother and son pair.

He snorted coldly.

“She wont abandon you Why hasnt she come looking for you after such a long time then”

“I guess its because she hates Uncle!” Baby Chu suddenly said.

Gu Jinglian scowled.

“What do you mean”

“In the past, when Baby Chu saw that all the other children had fathers, he was curious.

Why did all of them have fathers but I didnt” As Baby Chu spoke, he even put on a puzzled expression.

After a pause, he continued, “Later on, Baby Chu asked Mommy, why doesnt Baby Chu have a father”

Gu Jinglians interest was piqued and he asked, “What did she say”

Baby Chu assessed the mans expression and then blurted out, “Mommy said that Daddy died young.”


Daddy died young!

Gu Jinglian felt as if he had been struck by lightning and at once, his expression turned sullen.

“She said that I died young!”

“…Yeah, thats what she said.

She said that the grasses around his gravestone are already taller than me.”

Gu Jinglian clenched his fists in anger.

How dare this woman use such despicable words to fool a child.

He died young!

Baby Chu did not care at all that his words and actions betrayed his mother.

He continued to complain, “Then I asked her how Dad died.”

Gu Jinglian shot him a questioning look and pressed on, “And what did your mother say!”

“Mommy said that Daddy was hit by a car when he was out on the streets,” Baby Chu replied.

Gu Jinglian was rendered speechless.

Hit by a car when he was out on the streets

She could even come up with such nonsense

He slammed the table.


Baby Chu was scared out of his wits by the mans vulgarities.

He trembled and looked up to see Gu Jinglians normally exquisite and handsome face darken.

He suddenly realized that he had said something wrong!

“Uncle, dont be angry!”

“How can I not be angry Im so angry that I want to rip her to shreds…”


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