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Chapter 2819: Recuperation

Gong Jie had been trained in the mercenary organization since he was young and had been trained to be brave.

Hence, to him, ten million yuan, based on this persons loyalty, was definitely worth it.

“Master Gong, how should we handle this matter”

“Have you found any information on the sniper”

“Not yet,” the subordinate answered.

“There are constant wars in Ah-Fu, and many anti-government armies are not organized at all.

There are even terrorist organizations integrated among them.

However, you can tell which anti-government organization they belong to, from their uniforms.”

The Ah-Fu war was ongoing, and the anti-government army was divided into different sections.

As a result, they also needed to be distinguished.

“Find that Section.”

Gong Jie ordered, “Bring me the leader of that Section.”


The pungent smell of disinfectant pervaded throughout the hospital.

The bed shook as Chu He tried to support her upper body.

Having lay there for a day and a night, her head was feeling extremely heavy.

At this rate, who knew how long it would take for her to recover.

She had tried to do what Meng Qingxue told her – to just lie quietly and do nothing.

But when she thought of Chu Xiaobao, she felt uneasy again.

She missed him.

Even though she had regained her memory, her memory of Chu Xiaobao was still very deep.

She missed him badly.

This child was her only family, and the person she cared about the most in the whole wide world.

She needed to recover quickly, then find him and take him away from this place.

At this thought, Chu He gritted her teeth and struggled to stand up.

When Meng Qingxue returned with the food, she saw Chu He holding onto the wall and walking with difficulty.

It was extremely difficult for her to walk.

She was no longer walking as fast as she used to.

With one hand on the wall and the other trying to maintain her balance, she struggled one step at a time.

Meng Qingxue hurriedly put the bento box aside and rushed over nervously.

“Chu He! Why did you get out of bed!” She complained, “Didnt I tell you that Im going to get some food and will be back soon Why did you get out of bed Are you looking for something”

“I need to walk around and get some exercise.” Chu He explained seriously.

“Exercise You had a brain surgery, so you dont need any rehabilitation of your limbs,” the flutstered Meng Qingxue explained.

Chu He looked at her intently and smiled.

“If I continue to lie down like this, my limbs will become stiff.

I will recover faster if I did some walking.”

When she was working at Interpol, she was often injured.

Hence, she knew how to get her body to recover faster.

Meng Qingxue could not out-talk her, and she knew that the girl was stubborn and tough.

Hence, she did not try to talk her round.

She smiled and said instead, “I got you some millet porridge and side dishes.

You can only eat liquid food now, but youll not be filled just eating this.

Ive asked the doctor about it… you can drink millet porridge!”

“Thats great.

Thank you.”

Meng Qingxue helped sit her down in the ward and brought in the millet porridge.

The doctor had repeatedly reminded that the patient had to keep a light diet.

Hence, she bought only lightly flavored side dishes.

Although they were simple, Chu Hes condition would only allow such food.

“Well have a delicious feast when youre better.”

Chu He held the chopsticks and said faintly, “Im not particular about food, as long as its edible.”

She looked up and asked, “Have you eaten”

Meng Qingxue hurriedly nodded.

“Yes, I ate at the canteen.”


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