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His eyes could not help drooping from disappointment and resentment as he asked, “Does the handsome uncle hate me and find me annoying”

“…” The butler was surprised and amused to hear this question, seeing how the child was far more perceptive than he had imagined.

All along, his master was never fond of children and had little patience for them.

He liked cats, though, so he had a black kitty as a pet.

In his spare time, he would take a stroll in the courtyard while carrying the cat in his arms.

It was obvious that the mafia prince was rather aloof in character, so he was not a fan of children.

Of course, the butler could not possibly tell the boy this, lest the latter get hurt.

“Hes just busy.” He assured the child.

“Hes tied down with work, as always, so he cant take you to the police station himself.”

“Oh… alright.” The boy nodded and politely smiled.

“Ill have to trouble you, then, grandpa.”

“Its nothing.

This is my duty.”

The butler was truly fond of the child; it was for no other reason than him looking very much like his master when he was young.

Baby Chus eyes, in particular, resembled Gu Jinglians to a close degree, though they were not exactly the same.

The greatest difference was his master having a pair of extremely indifferent eyes as if they were foggy, while this boys eyes were extremely clear, having ingenuity and agility unique to a child.

One could tell that he was a bright and witty boy at first glance.

It was due to fate that they met.

The butler prepared a small bag which contained some snacks, sweets, and water for the boy, out of consideration that the kid might not be treated well at the police station; when the police officers got busy with their work, they would not have the time to pay attention and take care of this lad.

He was worried that the kiddo might get hungry there, so he specially prepared some food and drinks for him.

Baby Chu was shy to accept it at first, but the butler told him, “The old master prepared them for you.”

“Eh The handsome uncle prepared them for me”


The boy was touched.

“I didnt expect uncle to be such a kind man on top of being rich and handsome!”

Butler: “…”

While I do admit that the old master is rich, young, and handsome, I cant agree with him being kind.

The boy is ultimately simple-minded and naïve, guileless to the workings of the world.

The Gu residence is no holy ground; many people deem it as a tigers den.

Anyway, the boy took the backpack and declared with a cheerful smile, “I-Ill just have to accept these, then!”

When the elderly butler sent the boy to the police station, he bumped into the deputy director, who was an old acquaintance of the Gus for many years.

After learning about what happened to the boy, the deputy director agreed to help him find his way back home.

The thing was, even after checking through their records with the clues and the name the boy had provided, he had no way of reaching out to his mother.

It was because her household information was unregistered on the Internet.

The phone number he provided turned out to be invalid as well.

The boy stared blankly at the number as he wondered if he had gotten it wrong. Thats what I remember, though.

The deputy director confirmed the number with him again before giving it another try, but once more, the call could not get through, the reason being that it was an invalid number.


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