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Chapter 2660: My surname will always beYun.

“Arent you worried that your father may get jealous” asked a female reporter teasingly to the cute, little boy.

“Daddy loves mommy, so hell naturally agree to it.

Besides, no matter whose last name we take on, its all the same.” As he spoke, he crooked his head and threw his father an assured look.

“Am I right, daddy”

The adult merely cocked a brow in silent acknowledgment.

Hearing what his brother said, the older twin straightened himself and cried, “I want to share the same last name as mommy, too!”

“…” Mu Yazhes countenance cooled in an instant.

“I beg your pardon”

“I wantYun as my last name, too! Dont you find the nameYun Yichen nicer”

A corner of his eye twitched in response.

“Stop fooling around.”

Another roar of friendly laughter burst out from the crowd; everyone absolutely adored the pair of twins.

The atmosphere was no longer as tense and stifling as before; in fact, it instantly became lively and joyous—a stark contrast to Ji Yans helpless and lonesome state.

She felt immensely awkward and was at loss on what to do, since it did not seem right for her to leave the place or stay put in her seat.

The sight of this harmonious scene unsettled her.

Feelings of indignation, regrets, hatred, and disgust washed over her as her visage scrunched up in irritation upon seeing how the reporters focus was solely on the family of four.

The mans abrupt wedding announcement had caught her off guard and disrupted all of her plans.

Having heard the rumors about him leaving the Mu Group, she just simply could not figure out how he could still be so resourceful!

She looked in the couples direction, only to see the lights shining on a dashing man and a ravishing beauty as they exchanged whispers and smiles with each other.

The man regarded his wife with an especially gentle and indulgent look.

It was like a scene straight out from a fairy tale.

Ji Yans expression crumbled as she darted her gaze around in search of an escape.

Alas, like a laughingstock, she could only remain seated there and endure the constant mocking looks of others!

Its over!

Once again, I ultimately lost to Yun Shishi!

I cant take this lying down, though!

Ive already lost to her once! Am I going to suffer permanent defeat in her hands this time

“Weve already registered our marriage, but were still in the middle of wedding preparations.”

A reporter promptly followed up.

“When will your wedding be held”

A blush crept up Yun Shishis face as she shyly lowered her head.

The man threw her a teasing look, then he turned to face the flashing lights with his deep-set orbs.

“We havent decided on a date since were still in the planning stage; once the date is confirmed, well announce it to the public.

Well also arrange designated seats for the press at our wedding, so I hope our media friends here can attend it and witness our matrimonial ceremony.”


Mu, we wish you and Shishi eternal happiness!”

“May you two have a blissful marriage!”

The reporters expressed their heartfelt blessings for the couple.

Meanwhile, many viewers of the live broadcast were deeply moved to see this pair of blissful lovebirds! After all, marriage out of love was the most ideal union in the world, and the couple had, at this point, become the best example of such!


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