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Chapter 201: Liquor

Without further a do, the party’s program ended and everyone just enjoys the wine.


The media men have left and the reports have gone back home to prepare their headline for tomorrow.

At this very moment, the elegant and glamorous atmosphere earlier in the whole venue suddenly faded.

As if it was only a mask.

And when it was removed, it revealed the drunk images of the people.

And as if the current event of this moment is the real party.

Everyone started enjoying and talking the real topic of their intentions.

As we all know, a lot of influential men only attended today’s party just to enjoy drinking wine and finding their prey.


So at this very moment,  a lot of female artists were already tipsy even though they didn’t drink much.

And without further explanation, they were taken away. 

There were many newcomers that don’t understand the world of the entertainment industry.

They don’t know that the wine that specifically offered to them can make them drunk and unconscious.

Yang Mi also got drunk, but she and Li Jiuxian are together.

At this moment, their face was very close together.

There are no media men around, so she boldly hugs Li Jiuxian’s shoulder intimately and whispered.


However, Hanyu Yan who saw them secretly took several shots with her mobile phone.

Yang Mi and Li Jiuxian’s video scandal spread when they were cast in the drama series.

But, they said it was merely speculation of media men because they don’t have feelings for each other.


In fact, the relationship between male and female artist in the entertainment circle is not that simple.

Sometimes their acting is too good that’s why even though it was only a fake it will become real in the eyes of others.

And Yang Mi Of course, if she will admit this affair, this will be a big blow to her popularity.

She is not stupid to take this seriously, she’s just merely using Li Jiuxian’s popularity to hype herself up.


In the secluded area of VIP room, Yun Shishi was leaning on the sofa because her vision is starting to get blurry.

She didn’t drink too much wine, she only took a sip.

But surprisingly, her face already become flush and she’s already feeling dizzy.


Earlier, Lin Fengtian led several investors to meet her and they celebrate with a toast.

Yun Shishi didn’t dare to refuse because  Lin Fengtian was the one who invited those people.

She naturally trusts that the wine didn’t contain anything.

But still, with just one sip, she’s already staggering.


Seeing her condition, Lin Fengtian got scared and his face turns white.

He thought Yun Shishi can drink a little, but who would have thought that with just one sip, she’ll already become like this.

So, he hurriedly grabs the person next to him to go and find Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou was originally Gu Xingze’s liquor intake controller.

But, Lin Fengtian suddenly called him and turned over Yun Shishi because she’s already drunk.

“Already Is she such a poor drinker too”

Qin Zhou wanted to refuse.

He is Gu Xingze’s manager, he still needs to monitor Gu Xingze’s  liquor intake.

But, Lin Fengtian asked him to help Yun Shishi and clean up his mess.

Qin Zhou sigh, he has no other choice anyway.

Yun Shishi is still the center of attention, so when Qin Zhou came close to her.

The people inside the room stared at her immediately with full of curiosity.

“Send her back home!” Lin Fengtian who was standing on the side, silently and emotionlessly whispered to Qin Zhou.

“Director Lin, can I bother you to help!”

However, Lin Fengtian glared at him and waved his hand.

Qin Zhou put his arm around Yun Shishi and carried her out to the hotel.

The hotel concierge greeted him immediately and warmly said: “Sir, do you want me to call a car for you”

“Oh, ok! Call one for me to take this lady back home!” Qin Zhou nodded his head and didn’t think too much.

The hotel concierge immediately took out his walkie-talkie and seemingly arranged something for him.

After a few minutes, a black Santana car soon arrives.

Qin Zhou wanted to help Yun Shishi get inside the car, but he was stopped by the hotel concierge.


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