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The room was simply furnished, consisting of a two-meter-long bed, five-door wardrobe, a table, and an LCD TV.

She went to check the bathroom next.

Although it could not be considered big, it had everything, including a shower area, toilet, and a basin.

Tap water also flowed out immediately when she turned on the faucet.

Thereafter, she unpacked her luggage and hung the few pieces of clothing she had brought with her inside the wardrobe.

A photo fell out of her luggage right at that moment.

She picked it up, only to realize that it was a sticker photo of Mu Yancheng and her.

Back then, she had to even drag him to take this photo with her, for he was reluctant at first.

Only after much coaxing from her did he finally relent and give in to her whim.

Thus, she dragged the 175-centimeter-tall man into a small photo booth and got him to take a photo with her, much to his reluctance.

That was the only photo they had together though, for he refused to take anymore with her after that.

In the photo, Mu Yancheng appeared somewhat reluctant with his poker face and forced smile.

The pregnant lady fell into a trance while staring silently at the photo, her eyes unknowingly rimming red once more.

One by one, tiny droplets of tears fell onto the photo sticker and spread across it.

She pursed her lips tightly, trying to get a hold of herself as she quietly wiped the tears away, then with much determination, she gritted her teeth and ripped the photo into pieces in a fit of pique.

She forced herself to be cruel to herself and not go piecing the pieces back together.

Instead, she grabbed the scattered pieces, balled them up, and tossed them into the trash bin.

Since she already took a shower in the hostel earlier, she simply washed her face and brushed her teeth before resting for the night.

By the time she woke up the next day, the policewoman had already returned home from sending her boy to kindergarten early in the morning.

She passed an envelope containing money to Chu He.

“Theres money of over three thousand in here.

Im so sorry for the trouble, but I might have to stay with you for a while.”

The policewoman did not reject the money and just simply took it from her.

After last night, she had gotten a rough understanding of Meng Qingxues character.

She knew that the latter was rather stubborn with her pride and principles, which was quite similar to herself.

She would surely feel somewhat uncomfortable if she insisted on not keeping the money.

As she stashed the envelope away, she decided to take a portion of this rent money to buy nourishing supplements for the pregnant lady to take.

She could tell that she had a weak constitution and needed some nourishing.

It was a good thing that Yan City was a picturesque place and was very suitable for people to reside despite being small.

Every household had its farmland, so most of the residents here were self-sufficient.

They lived healthily, eating the crops they produced from their fields.

Right then, Meng Qingxue blurted out a question.

“Are there any simple jobs that I can take in the village I dont have much money on me, so I want to do some handicraft work to earn some.”

“Are you a handy person”

“Ive been doing such chores since I was little.”

She did not come from a well-to-do family, so from a young age, she had been helping out in her family by doing odd jobs like mending clothes, knitting sweaters, weaving scarves, and even doing some handicraft work at times.

After pondering for a bit, Chu He finally said, “Theres a workshop in the village that specializes in making lanterns.”



Handmade lanterns of various animal shapes! They put them up on the market for sale.

You get fifteen yuan for making one lantern.

If you work fast enough and make ten lanterns a day, you can earn over a hundred yuan.

You should give it a try!”

Over one hundred yuan

She was more than satisfied with that amount.


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