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“Dont mess around with the woman; were only here for the money.

The last thing we want is for this matter to blow up, especially since she appears to have powerful connections!”

Brother Dong was obviously a veteran and knew that some things were better left untouched.

After fidgeting with the lock some more, he gave a sudden, vehement snort and cursed, “Why is this lock so hard to break loose We cant get in!”

“Ah Dong, there should be a skylight in this room, right We can try that window, instead.”

Meng Qingxue turned her head abruptly and drew in a sharp breath at the sight of the skylight behind her.

Her breathing quickened as tears flowed rapidly down her cheeks in fearful desperation.

The two men outside the door took turns kicking the door, and that startled her at once.

The woman let out a loud yelp in shock.

“Ah—w-what do you guys want!”

The men were stunned, and then the one called Ah Dong reacted with a few gleeful sniggers.

By listening to her tense voice from behind the closed door, he could imagine her hiding behind it for some time, desperately keeping mum out of fear.

“Missy, why havent you gone to sleep yet”

“What are you doing What the hell are you doing!”

“We are here to look for fun with you!” replied Ah Dong matter-of-factly.

“Isnt this your first time in town Why dont we take you to the night market nearby and treat you to a barbecue”

“No, Im going to sleep; dont disturb me, okay” Her almost pleading tone revealed, no doubt, that she was already a bundle of nerves; her psychological defense was on the verge of collapse.

Alas, the man merely snorted and retorted unconcernedly, “Sleep Youre not sleeping now, are you”

His unreasonable behavior made the woman frown straight up.

“Im going to bed!”

“Whats so nice about sleeping We should sleep less while were alive so that we can have more fun! Youll have all the time in the world for sleeping when youre dead!” Ah Dong pulled a ridiculous reason sinisterly.

Meng Qingxue felt so anxious that she was about to break down.

Blocking the door with her body, she said in a trembling voice, “You guys dont do this… Im scared… Im really scared… Im just staying here for the night, and Ill be gone tomorrow morning! Im leaving tomorrow morning… so can you guys leave me in peace!”

“Sister, what are you talking about” The other one called Ah Cheng leisurely leered.

“We dont want to hurt you; were just looking for you to have some fun! The people in this city are warm and hospitable; since you came here, we naturally should take you out to have some fun!”

“I dont want to!” She was almost in hysteria by then.

“You just want money, right!”

She could intuitively guess what they were really after.

The two outside the door were stunned at first before they finally admitted it.

“Theres no fun in you being so direct with us, but now that youve said it first, we can be open about us being short of spending money; since youre so rich, why dont you be generous”

“We lost more than ten thousand tonight due to bad luck.

Little sister, why dont you lend us some Well go back to the betting table, win some back, and return what we borrow from you!”

“No way!” The woman had turned pale by then.

“This money… is very important to me!”

This money was reserved for her to raise her baby.

Having a weak constitution, the lady knew that she would be unable to work during her pregnancy.

This sum was meant to support her.

Even after the baby was born, many things like nutrition fees and hospitalization fees would need money, too!


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