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Chapter 2461: A wife-slave has been nurtured.

At times and places when she was not around to see, like a possessed man, he would always secretly take out their marriage certificate and fondly gaze at the couple in the photo time and again.

His smile would also unknowingly reach his eyes.

If she were to know that he had been carrying their marriage certificate with him all this while, she would surely look at him differently!

Whenever he was not busy with work, he would take out the red booklet from his office drawer to look and feel it.

Even Lu Jinyu encountered this scene several times.

He secretly told Jiang Shen, “Our chief seems to be possessed!”

When the other heard this, he secretly gave their chief the nicknamewife-slave, saying, “Hes a slave of his wife!”

He shook his head.

“You didnt see how he giggled away while staring at his marriage certificate! Thats quite a shocking image.”

That really threw Jiang Shen off.

In fact, Mu Yazhe did not realize that he was on his way to becoming a full-fledged wife-slave from the moment he got married.

Yun Shishi was initially worried that the man would not treasure her as much once they got married, but it turned out that her worries were unfounded.

He cherished her more and more as time passed because he had this constant thought that no one else but him would dote on his lawful wife.

This thinking led him into displaying the typical traits of a wife-slave, which thoroughly astounded his buddies.

He also now understood that the marriage certificate was not just a piece of paper.

Despite already being a married couple, they were still like any other unwedded couple who was passionately in love.

They would miss each other badly for the entire day even though they had only been separated since morning.

During afternoon meetings, he would appear distracted even if he was sitting in the conference room.

That was because he wanted to go home early and wait for his wifes return.

He would be like the Amah Rock, though in his case, he would be the one waiting for his wife instead of the other way around!

His heart would finally calm down and be at peace when he held her petite frame in his arms, which would fill his embrace.

It was like, only by doing this, could he truly feel her in warm flesh.

Meanwhile, the woman was silently thinking to herself, This man has become more clingy toward me after getting married.

Is this considered a good thing or a bad thing

He, on the other hand, was contemplating a question. When will my wife bear me a little princess



“Say…” asked Yun Shishi awkwardly, “is the technology in plastic surgery that advanced now”

The man was still indulging in hisprincess fantasy when she posed that question, so he vaguely caught the wordsplastic surgery.

He belatedly asked out of curiosity, “Plastic surgery”

“Yeah, its regarding this mornings Weibo post! The female in the photos is called Li Xianger! Qin Zhou deliberately went to find her photos to compare our looks, but we look really alike.

He surmised that she probably underwent plastic surgery based on my looks, but could a plastic surgery really achieve that”

“If the person themselves is already a lookalike, then its not exactly impossible for them to get the same looks with plastic surgery.”

The womans face darkened when she heard that answer.

She felt rather uncomfortable and awkward at the thought of some woman undergoing plastic surgery based on her looks.

“The post thats trending on Weibo this morning…”

He kept mum for a moment before replying, “I saw it.”


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