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She held the photograph tightly in her hand as she cried pitifully like a weeping beauty.

[Passengers on Air China flight CA0003, heading from the capital to Hai Ning, your plane is now ready for boarding.

Please have all your baggage, belongings, and boarding pass ready as you head to Gate 3.

Have a pleasant trip.

Thank you!]

As Meng Qingxue heard the announcement, she bit her lip and stood up reluctantly.

She walked to the trash can and pretended to be nonchalant as she threw the photograph into it.

She turned around and pulled her luggage as she dragged herself to the boarding gate like a zombie.

At the Song Residence.

When Jiang Qimeng and Song Enya returned, the mother-daughter pair had strange expressions on their faces as they held different ulterior motives.

As they walked into the bedroom and closed the door, the daughter turned and asked with worry, “Mom…”

“Whats wrong” Her mother glanced at her with concern.

“Did the plan go smoothly last night”


“Did you keep things clean Did he notice anything fishy about you”

She nodded her head.

“I did everything as you asked! Last night, after slipping him the drug, he completely lost consciousness.

He drank a lot of alcohol so he was completely out of it.

Even if there were any slip-ups, he wouldnt notice any of them.”

Her mother nodded her head, feeling assured, but she posed a question, helplessly, in return, “Will… Mu Yancheng really marry me”

“Perhaps he wont right now, but if you are pregnant with his baby, things will be different! When the opportunity comes, tell him that you are pregnant with his child.

Your marriage with him wont be up to him anymore; if it still doesnt work, we can bring the matter to the Mus and he wont be able to reason with us!” Jiang Qimeng smiled delightedly.

“Dont worry; just wait peacefully for that young man to marry you, then youll be the Mu familys young mistress!”

She protested anxiously, “But mom! Im already six weeks pregnant; although the child is indeed his, its already a month old! What if I cant hide it anymore when the time comes”

“So what”

Her mother was not bothered.

“When the baby is ready to be born, we can just claim that you have premature labor! Plus, you two will be married by then! It wont be important where the baby came from; whats important is that the child is his and has his flowing in its veins.

The baby is yours and his! Thats enough.”

Song Enya still had her misgivings as she hesitated to speak.

Her mother walked to her side and sat down before patting her shoulder gently as she comforted, “What else are you worried about Tell me.”

“Mom, I understand everything that youve said.

When the time comes, Mu Yancheng will acknowledge me and our child, but what if he fails to become the family head after our marriage” Song Enya tugged on the corner of her lips as she smiled helplessly.

“Wont it just be another huge joke”


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