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She had no home other than him.

Where else could she go

Seemingly moved, the driver shook his head and advised empathetically, “Young man, Ive seen too many such incidents, so theres something Ill advise you: Dont lose your head over other affairs and take your partner for granted! Where your wife is, there youll find your home.

Learn to treasure her while shes still with you, cause itll be too late by the time you lose her! You must give in to her when youre quarreling.

What to do We have to be the gentlemen when it comes to our women.”

Mu Yanchengs face was sullen and he did not utter a word throughout the journey.

It was half an hour later by the time he reached Fengchen International Apartment Complex.

He was flustered! Why is the hotel so far from the apartment

After he alighted from the cab, he dashed into the elevator and pressed the lift button to her storey.

“Qingxue!” he yelled as he bolted out of the elevator once it reached the designated level.

Standing outside the apartment, he hit the door with all his might.

“Qingxue, open the door! Its me; can you open the door!”

There was no answer no matter how hard he knocked.

He lost his mind for a fleeting second and raised his leg to give a good, hard kick at the door.

His action disturbed her neighbor immediately.

“Who is it Whos creating a ruckus there!”

The neighbor across the unit opened his door and looked at him grudgingly with groggy eyes.

“Can you keep the volume down I work the night shifts and will need my sleep.

Lets be considerate here.”

Unfortunately, the young chap ignored him; this was when the man suddenly exclaimed, “Hey, are you looking for Xiao Meng”

Mu Yancheng swung around abruptly and asked with bloodshot eyes, “Do you know where she went”

“Oh, I saw her lugging her luggage this morning after I finished work.

Shes long left! When I asked her where shes going, she only told me that she wont be staying here anymore.

She didnt say much, except to request that I inform whoever might come looking for her that she wont be returning to this place.”

The man paused and dared not offer further information when he realized how awful the young man was looking by then.

He felt frightened by how fast the latters face had changed when he heard the update.

“She… left”

“Yes…” The neighbor nodded with a start.

“I even saw her putting the front doors key inside the letterbox.

I wondered what happened to her.

Shes usually cheerful, but for the first time, this morning, I saw her looking so downcast.

Her eyes were red and swollen as if she just had a good cry.

What is your relationship with her”

The man frowned and did not bother to reply to the neighbor.

He opened the letterbox and was stunned to see a pair of keys lying quietly beside a milk jug.

His breathing hastened as he took the keys hesitantly from the letterbox.

Meanwhile, the neighbor continued to mutter, “Her constitution has been weak lately, and she keeps falling sick.

She even fainted in front of the house just a while ago.

Luckily, I discovered her early and quickly sent her to the hospital.

The doctor said that shes suffering from pregnancy-induced anemia because shes malnourished.

By the way, how are you related to her”

He turned around, glanced at the neighbor, and uttered quietly, “Im the father of the child.”

“Oh, so youre her husband” The other man was mildly surprised.

“Why didnt I see you around then I usually found her alone here.

That day in the hospital, I asked if she wanted to contact her husband but she refused.

She said that youre busy.

Still, how busy could you be to neglect a pregnant wife…”

He could not listen any further as he took the key and went into the apartment.

Once again, he tried to call her…


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