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Chapter 2284: You are biased, Youyou!

Youyou knew that the truth would not sit well with his father if he realized the extent of his brother-in-laws power.

However, there was nothing much that his powerful father could do about it when he chose this airline.

As the man abdicated his leadership position in the Mus, his assets, including his private jet, were frozen for the time being.

In fact, the man was lucky to still have a passport in his possession.

Nevertheless, even if his uncle were to kick his lovely father off the plane, he would make sure he got his daddy back in this flight.

The Atolls of the Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, were the last remaining pieces of paradise bestowed by the Maker on Earth.

The Republic of Maldives was located in South Asia.

It was an island country consisting of over one thousand two hundred coral islands, two hundred two of which were inhabited.

As May to September was the rainy season, the best time to visit the Maldives was from October to next April.

Before they arrived, Gong Jie suggested Huvafen Fushi Spa Resort, so Mu Yazhe upgraded their accommodation to a seven-star hotel at the last minute.

Still, the presence of his uninvited brother-in-law spoiled the mans carefree mood.

Is he a sucker

‘Ill follow my sister wherever she goes.

Is this fella going to squeeze himself on the bed with us, too

His younger son saw his fathers sullen expression and knew that the man was in a terrible mood now.

Quickly, he tugged at his uncles sleeve and muttered, “Hey, you mustnt spoil my parents vacation, understand No funny business from you.”

“Spoil their vacation Funny business”

His uncle snorted and then declared egoistically, “Im not free for that!”

His reply got his nephew on alert mode.

“Then, why are you following us on this holiday Dont tell me youre going there to hunt for girls”

The man sucked on his straw and snorted.

“Thats dumb.”

“Uncle, how many days of paid leave are you entitled in your business now You seem to be very free.”

“Ive already reached my annual target, so I have half a month of leave for this year.”


The boy thought for a while, then snatched the drink from his uncles hand.

He took a sip before warning, “Anyway, youd better behave yourself on this holiday.

No funny business from you.

This is a rare vacation for mommy, and youre not allowed to spoil her mood.”

“Hey…” the man squinted his eyes pitifully, accusing the boy, “youre biased!”

“How is that so”

The man replied wryly, “Im your uncle who showers you with so much love, yet you choose to stand on your daddys side, instead.” He paused, then spread his palm toward his nephew.

“Ive given you this island in vain! Return it to me!”

The boy protested in disdain, “Theres no reason to ask back the things youve already gifted! Shameless!”

“Youre heartless!”

“Hey, you gave me the present willingly.

I didnt force or blackmail you! Theres no justification to return it to you!”

His older sibling counseled at the side as well.

“Thats right, uncle; a man ought to keep his words.”

Their uncle had nothing more to say.

In any case, the twins succeeded in extracting a promise from him that he would not come between the couple on this trip.

Thus, the five of them split into two groups to seek their respective recreations.

The couple proceeded to Huvafen Fushi Spa Resort, while the two kids went to another island with their uncle.

As they were alighting from the aeroplane, something out of the blue came to Youyous mind.

“Uncle, arent you bringing any bodyguards with you this time” he asked the man quizzically.



Gong Jie cupped his older nephews tender, cherubic face in his hands and replied smilingly, “Thats because I have Little Yichen here with me.”


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