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Blue skies, vast ocean that stretched beyond the horizons, crystalline seawater, and even the hotels by the beach…

Her mood would be elevated every time she thought of those.

It was her wish to have a vacation in Maldives, but she could never find the time.

More importantly, she had been out of the country once, and it was quite a troublesome affair.

Hence, she could only dream of Maldives but could never make the effort to visit it.

She really did not expect her man to prepare this sweet surprise for her.

Of course, she did not know that he had read her diary before, so he knew about her dream vacation.

In fact, he planned to fulfill all the dreams she had listed in that diary one by one from here on.

Maldives was just the start.

However, the man felt especially unhappy when his eyes obliquely swept across the person sitting next to his younger son—Gong Jie, who was currently flipping through a financial magazine casually.

“Why is he following us”

His wife struggled to come up with a reply.


Her brother apparently heard his accusing tone and turned to reply smilingly.

“Why cant I come along This isnt a honeymoon, anyway.”

Youyou also cocked a brow at his father, who was now eyeing his uncle in irk as the other grinned evilly.

Little Yichen chimed in mockingly.

“Uncle, daddy is irritated by your thick skin.

Youre an unwelcome third wheel now!”

“A third wheel” The young chap did not seem to take the criticism to heart.

Pinching his older nephews cheeks, he snorted.

“If Im a third wheel, then what about you two Why can the two of you come along but not me”

The older boy quipped with a wide beam, “Thats because were mommys two little tails! Theres no way she can shake us off!”

“Then, what about uncle What is he” asked his younger brother curiously.

“Well, hes the head honcho of the third-wheel club!” he answered with a smile.

Their uncle was speechless.

Whathead honcho of the third-wheel club!

What kinda stupid title is that

The woman was in stitches over their exchange.

Her brother threw her a grumpy glare.


How could she find this amusing!

Yun Shishi tried to stifle her laughter before replying with a smile, “Xiao Jie, since you are here, you can take care of these kiddos!”


Little Yichen let out a muffled laugh.

“Uncle has turned from a third wheel into a nanny!”

“Idiot!” Miffed, Gong Jie turned his face away from his nephew and made his stand clear to all of them.

“Im here for a vacation, not to be a nanny! Ill follow my sister wherever she goes.”

Mu Yazhes face sank instantly.

“What a wet blanket.”

He did not know how this chap had managed to acquire an air ticket to board the same plane as them, for he had purposely not gotten an extra ticket for him.

His brother-in-law was laughing to himself, though.

What a joke!

Hurricane Group had major shares in this airline.

The Gong familys organization started off as smugglers before expanding its business to include sea, air, and land transportation.

Out of the ten big aviation companies in the world, Hurricane Group held major shares in five of them.

His family dominated the industry, in fact.

As the prince of Hurricane Group, it was no big deal for him to book the entire carrier if he wanted to.

In fact, he was being lowkey in this instance.

He could very well chase the entire cabin of passengers off this flight, including his irritating brother-in-law, and they could do nothing except to wait for the next one.


Im considered kind in this regard!

Book an air ticket

Is that a joke

He did not have to concern himself over such nitty-gritty details when he traveled.

Where he wanted to go, he could have a jet ready for him.


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