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Chapter 2282: New Year Holiday

She nodded hesitantly and mumbled a reply.

“Alright, I understand… Do what you think is needed.

Anyway, I… will abide whatever your arrangements for me are!”

“Thats a good girl!” Her mother was pleased with her docility.

“What about Lin Xueya” asked Song Enya suddenly.

“The Songs may be comparable to the Lins, but the crux is that Mu Yancheng may still prefer that woman with her influential background.

What if he doesnt want me”

“Hmph! He will have no say by then when you come bearing his offspring!” Her mother could not care less about that.

Jiang Qimeng had come across the young missy from the Lin family a couple of times.

The latter would not be the mans cup of tea with her arrogance, and there would only be suffering if he chose her.

When the time came, she would gather some evidence against their competitor.

This would be their bargaining chip before Mu Linfeng!

Besides, progeny held precedence for the Mus; this tactic had never failed with that elite family.

She had high confidence in this game since her daughter was genuinely pregnant with the chaps child.

As her rumination reached this conclusion, she tapped her daughter on the shoulder reassuringly.

“You dont have to worry about anything else; I wont get you into trouble.

What you should focus on now is preparing yourself to be a respectable daughter-in-law of the Mus! You cant act spoiled from now on, understand Familiarize yourself with the due etiquettes and decorum that will come in handy once you marry into that family! Now that youve made up your mind, you cant do as you please any longer.”

Even though the plan had not been executed yet, the middle-aged woman was already busy teaching her daughter what to do as a daughter-in-law of that elite household!

Biting her lower lip and with her hands clenching the edges of the sleeves, the young woman nodded her head despite having mixed feelings inside her.

Her heart had no more love for Mu Yazhe.

Now, all she had for him were hatred and thoughts of revenge!

Since she had made up her mind to do this, she must stay on course!

She would get even after she married into the top elite family with a fanfare!

The thought was sufficient to make her lips curled into a sinister smile.

Yun Shishi had a peaceful and carefree new year holiday up to the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar.

This year, she had a fruitful and fulfilling time without the daily hassles from her work.

On the second day of the long national holiday, the couple took their two boys for a vacation at Maldives!

She only got to know how her husband had meticulously planned for this vacation when she boarded the plane.

Her loving husband got everything arranged—the air tickets, hotel and other stuff—a month ago!

Right now was Maldives peak season, and there was more demand than supply of top hotels!

As such, the man had to pre-book a month in advance to get his hand on the rare holiday resources, such as accommodation at a five-star hotel and first-class boarding tickets.

However, he had never once spoken to his wife about it.

During the early hours on the second day of the lunar new year, he woke the woman up on the pretext of wanting to do a morning exercise with her.

Just as they were busy in bed making out, he drew close to her ear and whispered, “Go and get ready now; were going on a vacation.”

“Where are we going” she asked with a start.

The man gave her a surreptitious smile.



Oh, gosh! Thats my dream vacation!


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