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Chapter 2247: Fight the Landlord (8)

Even his father shot him a glare.

“Stop fooling around!”

“Come on; dont be a sore loser! Quickly hold hands now, or else Ill think of another fun and interesting punishment for you guys.

Do you prefer that”

The boy was practically outrightly threatening them.

At the thought of some sort of terrifying punishment brewing in Youyous little head, the two men exchanged looks of disdain then gritted their teeth and stretched their hands.

The moment their fingertips made contact, though, Mu Yazhe pulled his back in revulsion, saying, “How disgusting.”

Just the thought of holding another mans hand gave him goosebumps; what more if he did it for real

Gong Jies lips twitched when he heard what his brother-in-law had said.

Wearing an equally frosty expression on his face, he spat, “The cheek youve got to say that! If it werent for you, we wouldnt be going through this torturous punishment now.”

The other man shot back.

“Who told you to pick me as your teammate”

He curtly replied, “If I knew that the nine of spades was in your hands, Id never pick it!”

Youyou, who could not stand seeing them bicker any longer, urged from the side.

“Hurry up and stop dawdling! Its just holding hands for goodnesss sake! Whats so difficult about that!”

The two adults simultaneously shot him a hostile glare in response.

“I want a change of punishment!” demanded his uncle.

He coolly glanced sideways at the adult before readily agreeing to his request.


Kiss each other, then.”

Gong Jie: “…”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

Yun Shishi chuckled behind her hands when she heard that. This little brat sure is evil.

Trust him to come up with such a punishment.

These two here cant get along like fire and water.

How evil of him!

What penalty could possibly be worse than this

Gong Jie retorted, “Youyou, are you trying to make your father gay”

Mu Yazhe merely expressed his stance with a snort.

The boy, however, answered, “Theres no way daddy would become gay for men with mommy around! To be honest, Im just trying to improve the relationship between you two so that you guys can be on better terms and get along more harmoniously! The way the both of you are behaving around each other now is like how one behaves around their enemies.”

Better terms

Get along more harmoniously

Forget it.

Ill stick to holding his hand.

Its the lesser of the two evils.

The two losers fell silent once more and only stuck their hands out again after a long while of getting over their mental struggles.

This time, though, they clutched each others hand firmly with their fingers interlocked.

Even though both appeared seemingly calm on the surface, they were secretly engaged in a competition of theirs by trying to crush the others hand with all their might.

The strength of their grip was comparable to each other.

Inwardly, they were cursing each other, D*mn it! This b*st*rd has a pretty firm grip, huh! He sure is something!

Upon seeing their tightly clasped hands, Youyou nodded and smiled in satisfaction.

“Not bad! The relationship between you two seems to have improved by a lot.

Look at how tightly theyre holding each others hand, mommy.”

Yun Shishi, however, was dumbfounded when she turned to look at their tightly interlocked fingers.

How is this holding hands

Theyre just trying to maim each others hand on the pretext of the punishment.

In the fourth round of the game, Youyou became the apparent landlord, while Hua Jin was called to become the secret landlord.

The interesting thing here was that, due to the punishment from the last round, the two, bickering men had to hold hands until the end of this one.

It was already quite difficult for them to hold their cards with one hand; arranging them was even more so, so it took the duo far more effort to do it.

Gong Jie even resorted to using his mouth, though it only ended up creating a mess with the cards dropping all over the table, faced up.

The other landlords immediately leaned forward to peek at his cards.

He warned, “Dont you dare peek at my cards!”


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