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Mu Yazhes back stiffened as he stood on the same spot for a moment.

He seemed indifferent to her urge for him to stay as he strode toward the door again; this time, it was without any hesitation.

Song Enya was now utterly frantic.

It was unknown where she found the courage to pull off the blood-transfusion needle ruthlessly in a fit of pique, but thereafter, she tore away the covers and got off the bed to dash barefoot toward the man.

“Brother Mu!”

She hugged him tightly from behind with her arms wrapped around his waist.

“Let go!”

“I wont!”

The man was extremely furious.

He shook off her arms and turned around.

As if she had gone crazy, his niece suddenly hugged his shoulders and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his thin lips!

He frantically avoided her in his shock, but he was too late as his nieces withered and dried lips landed on his.

She attacked him as if she had gone mad, kissing his lips and biting them harshly.

That bite caused his brain to stop functioning for a second.

When he finally came back to his senses, his hands had already moved intuitively to push her away harshly!

“Are you crazy!”

Song Enya was caught off guard and lost her center of gravity, falling backward and landing heavily on the floor.

She looked up at him firmly; her pale lips were now stained with blood due to her harsh bite earlier.

At a glance, she looked sinister like a vampire.

The young lady smiled dumbly up at him, the tip of her tongue outlining the blood on her lips.

The ambition in her eyes could no longer be concealed!

Mu Yazhe seethed in rage; his expression was icy as he raised his hand to wipe his thin lips heavily with his fingers, only to smell the metallic scent of blood.

He wiped his lips harshly and glared at his niece angrily.

“Have you gone crazy!”

“Yes, Ive gone crazy, and youre responsible for it! Are you satisfied now, Brother Mu Seeing how Ive gone crazy because of you and your disregard, are you happy now!”

The man looked at his niece as if she were an incurable patient.

He no longer bothered to hide the detest in his eyes.

“You are hopeless!”

“Yes, I am hopeless! I love you; I want to have you because I love you.

Is that so wrong!” Song Enya yelled desperately, her words no longer making any sense.

“But Im not greedy anymore! I wont ask for anything and for more; I only want us to go back to how we were before.

Im satisfied with just that.

Is that okay”


She smiled.

Alas, the innocence on her face had been distorted malevolently by the blood on her lips.

“You are still my Brother Mu; I want to hear you calling meEnya tenderly—spoiling me and doting on me without restraint—as you did before.

I will stop holding any wistful thinking about you.

My only wish is that we can return to how things were in the past; can we”

Mu Yazhe was silent for a moment before he smiled coldly.

“We cant go back!”

The smile on Song Enyas face stiffened in an instant.

“Why!” She was in disbelief and questioned him hysterically.

“Is my request so overboard that you cant even give in to it!”

Her mother and brother were originally talking outside the ward.

When they heard the noise in the room, they charged inside out of concern.

Just as they pushed open the door, both saw her sitting on the floor with blood on the corner of her lips.

They had no idea where it came from.


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