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1457 Scholar-cum-campus Belle

Meanwhile, Lin Zhi and the other female celebs arrived late at the scene, just ten minutes before the show started.

It was not that they were acting like bigshots, though.

As a rookie in showbiz, the woman was eager to arrive early for the show and seize that chance to get a little more limelight, as well as to interact with the rich and famous.

Alas, because of the issues with their passes, she and some other female celebs were delayed for quite some time at the entrance.

By the time she arrived at the scene, Yun Shishi had already finished taking pictures with the other celebs and entered the show venue.

What was even more unfortunate for her was that, when she wanted to go in and get some attention from the media, Han Yuyan happened to arrive.

As a senior figure in the fashion world, who had worked with many big brands, her presence meant that she could not even get any limelight.

Not that she dared to do so, anyway.

With the seniors high celebrity rating, even if Lin Zhi wanted to do so, she did not have the guts for it.

Hence, she could only watch the paparazzi chase after the veteran actress with their cameras.

Dressed in a custom-made Chanel gown, the latter became the main character on the red carpet.

Like stars clustering around the moon, the domestic and international reporters swarming around her was an impressive sight to behold.

Soon, the starlet became the center of attraction.

Lin Zhi, in comparison, appeared lacking.

No one paid any attention to her, this newbie in the fashion world.

Plus, she appeared even more of a drab in her gown, which was picked from Yun Shishis leftovers.

No one interviewed her at all.

How she loathed and wished she could make mincemeat out of that stumbling block.

If not for her, that gorgeous gown would have been hers, instead!

With that gown, all the attention would have been on her in todays fashion show!


As she looked at the awkward situation she was in now, she felt so aggrieved that she wanted to cry.

Her assistant, beside her, suddenly received a Weibo notification.

Upon clicking, it was actually a photo of the newbie actress and the King.

The assistant handed the phone to her artist for the latter to take a look.

What Lin Zhi saw made her absolutely livid!

King was just a nickname.

His real name was Karl Lagerfield.

As Chanels creative director, he was hailed by the public for being Fashion Weeks mascot.

There was a famous saying in the fashion world:He who has never been to the Great Wall is no true man, and one who has no photo with the King is truly pitiful.

All celebs, regardless of their tier, would go to great lengths just for the brands PR to let them have a photo taken with him.

This photo of Yun Shishi with the King was simply attention-grabbing!

As Qin Zhou had close relations with Chanels PR, he managed for his artist to have a meeting with the man.

Much to the managers surprise, she could actually speak fluently with other famous figures in English.

That was where Lin Zhi lost out.

She could not speak or understand the language at all.

It was not only her, but many other domestic celebs also had poor English; hence, oftentimes, they would rather miss the chance to interact with the bigshots than make a fool of themselves at Fashion Week.

Besides watching the show and taking photos, the banquet was an equally importantbattle arena in the said prestigious event.

As a scholar-cum-campus belle, Yun Shishi could finally flaunt her English, which she had spent four years learning in college.

The other actress, on the other hand, was absolutely livid at her for stealing all her limelight in this Fashion Week!




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