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1451 Do you like my present

Yun Shishi emerged, dressed in the gorgeous gown.

The gradient-ink colors on the snowy white frock ran from her waist down to the hemline, hinting of a rich oriental-style.

It was brilliant with her soft, waist-length raven hair and stunning makeup.

She was beautiful…

So beautiful… that there was hardly a flaw!

Even the manager, who was usually critical, could hardly find faults with her.

It was as if this gown was made just for her!

At this moment, Qin Zhou could not help marveling at the man who had chosen this gown for her.

Who was that Mr.

Gong with such sharp fashion acumen Dressed in the gown, the actress immediately captivated everyones attention!

She would definitely be an enchanting sight walking down the red carpet!

This dress complemented her perfectly.

While others might be unable to bring out the classiness of this gown on them, other gowns could probably not bring out his charges charisma and beauty compared to this one.

The manager flashed a rare look of satisfaction as he praised, “Shishi, you look really beautiful in this gown!”

Her cheeks blushed coyishly.

“Its so rare for our boss to give praise.”

“Thats because you really look beautiful; I cant find a spark of flaw at all.”

She was really astonished.

Hearing her manager issue such a praise so unreservedly meant that she must be looking wonderful at the moment!

She walked to the mirror and was stunned by the surreal image she saw reflected.

Oh, god…

The gown is really beautiful!

“Wear this gown for the red carpet tonight!” instructed her manager.

She nodded and looked at the rest of the gowns, probing, “Then… how about the other gowns”

“You can keep these to wear during the series of runway walks.

These have about the same effect and dont look as amazing as the one you are wearing now.

You can select four pieces.”

He let her make the decision so she picked four pieces to be worn later.

As she was busy with the selection, her phone buzzed suddenly.

She hurriedly picked up the call to hear Gong Jies mysterious, sexy, and sing-song voice.

“Darling, do you like my present”

Her eyes squinted in delight when she heard his voice.

“Xiao Jie, its you!”

The man snorted and retorted coquettishly, “So you finally recognized my voice! Now, Im so touched.”

“Hey, stop teasing me.”

The woman replied petulantly as her eyes curled into twin beams.

She then said, “I received your present.

I like it very much! Thank you!”

“Why are you thanking me” He was displeased actually.

He did not want to hear athank you from her, which only served to accentuate their bit of estrangement.

“Next time, dont ever say thank you or sorry to me, do you understand”

“Okay,” she agreed naturally.

“Xiao Jie, this gown is really beautiful.

You really have good taste.”

“Of course! I have a critical aesthetic sense.”

Inside the prestigious presidential suite of the Manhattan Hotel, the man stood before the full-length window in his bathrobe as he gazed out the city in pitch-dark.

His voice was full of loving indulgence as he held the phone in his hand.

“The dress is only beautiful because you are the one wearing it.”

She blushed when she heard that.

Her brother might be unaware of the depths of his love for her which was expressed in that statement.

He loved her right down to the bones.

He wanted to make up for the lost love in the last decade and a half.




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