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Chapter 1450 Wife slave, mommy“s boy and siscon are going for it together.


“Oh, my god! What a beautiful gown!”

“I heard that this is Marks design What an elegant style! Its so beautiful! I really love such elements in a design!”

“It is Marks limited-edition masterpiece!”

Qin Zhou opened the door, only to see a well-dressed gentleman carrying a top-grade fashion gown.

The stylists in the workroom were surrounding the dress, their eyes filled with surprise and envy.

Compared to this garment, all the dresses sent by the different brands for the fashion show were worth nothing!

This was something no one had seen before.

It was stunning!

“Hello! Is it convenient now to send in the gown”

“Who sent over another dress again”

“Another” The man was also befuddled.

He replied seriously, “I mean: Who sent this gown over”

“Nice to meet you, sir; this gown was sent by Mr.


Its a limited-edition garment from Louis Vuitton.”

The manager was speechless again.


Who is Mr.


Yun Shishi had just returned into the room after trying on the outfits when she saw another dress being brought in.

Her legs shook at the sight.

Who else sent her a dress this time

She glanced at it for a moment and was completely blown away by this high-class gown!

It was so beautiful!

It was truly beautiful!

She was in complete shock.

This garment was simply breathtaking!

The gown was different from the previous few they had received.

It was a long dress that trailed the ground, and it employed a fluffy design to bring out the waistline exquisitely.

What was the most attractive about the garment was the ink design on it; from the pure, white sleeves continuing down to the fluffy skirt, it looked as if the dress had emerged from an ink-and-wash painting.

It was magical, like an ethereal fairy.

It was simply gorgeous!

It was otherworldly; it was truly otherworldly.

Looking at all the gowns sent into the VIP room, it was most likely this dress that suited her the best!

Even someone picky like Qin Zhou also had his breath taken away.

Who was Mr.


His eyesight was too good for words.

This gown was the most suitable for walking the red carpet.

The fashion week this time was oriental-themed.

This gown would be fitting for the theme and would definitely catch everyones attention!

It could be said that, with just this dress alone, she would definitely be guaranteed a spot in the entertainment news.

It was not because of anything else but this dress.

It was priceless and magnificent beyond compare!

According to others, this gown was Marks limited-edition design, and it was priced at nine digits.

It was a heroic masterpiece.

Qin Zhou could not help but be deeply moved.

“Who exactly is this Mr.




Yun Shishi was a little surprised.

“This gown was sent by him”


He nodded as he cast her a measuring glance.

“Is he your friend”

She was stunned for a short moment, but as her eyes landed on the garment again, she smiled.

She could already guess a little who that so-called Mr.

Gong was!

It had to be Xiao Jie.

However, how did he know that she was at the Fashion Week He even knew the right time to send the dress over.

“Shishi, go ahead and try on this dress.

I think itll look beautiful on you,” urged her manager.

The artist nodded and carried the gown into the fitting room.

With the help of an assistant, she was done putting on the gown after about ten minutes.

She lifted the skirt slightly and walked out of the fitting room.

The moment she re-appeared, Qin Zhous gaze could no longer leave her!





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