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Chapter 1449 Wife slave, mommy“s boy, and siscon are going for it together.


“Are you sure that the gown is meant to be delivered here”

“Yes, sir.

It cant be wrong.”

“Come in, then!”

The person brought the gown in.

It was a haute couture—a delicate shoulder gown which borrowed the designs of a cheongsam.

Also, the gown was adorned with blue and white porcelain elements.

It was elegant and slim-fitting.

Compared to the other dresses, this gown was extremely conservative.

Apart from the shoulder area, everywhere else was covered and hidden from sight.

Qin Zhou began to break out in a cold sweat as he lifted the gown to have a look.

This dress was indeed beautiful, but… there was wholly nothing to look at!

This was suitable for the fashion show, but as for walking the red carpet, it seemed a little too plain.

It should at least reveal some of her long legs.

He heard that it was designed and tailored specifically to Yun Shishis figure and shape.



She caressed the dress, instantly figuring out who the sender was!

Her manager helped her into the gown, but just as she was trying it on, a knock on the door was heard.

“Who is it now”

He walked over to open the door, only to see two people standing outside, each holding a gown carefully in their hands.

They were looking at each other in dismay.

“You both…”

He was stumped and looked at them with harshly twitching lips.

“You both are…”

“Hello, I am here to send Ms.

Shishi a custom-made haute couture.”

“Hello, I am here to send Ms.

Shishi a custom-made haute couture.”

It was as if both were speaking in the same tone.

Just as they finished their words, both seemed shocked.

Exchanging looks, they began scrutinizing each other.

The man asked in a daze, “Who is this gown from”





They opened their mouths at the same time again.

Shortly after, they looked at each other as if they were secretly in a competition.

Qin Zhou rubbed his forehead as he let out a sigh.

He gestured to them as he opened the door.

“Send them in!”

The two people squeezed through the door, fighting with each other to deliver the dress first.

When Yun Shishi was done trying the gown, she walked out of the room, only to see three more dresses being sent into the huge VIP room.

Her eyelids twitched harshly at the sight.

One set was sent by Mr.

Yun, and it was a high-class, European-style dress.

It was from Louis Vuittons fall collection, tailor-made and extremely expensive.

The other two gowns were from Mr.


Her manager glanced at the style for a moment and could immediately tell that the two gowns were Gu Xingzes taste.

After looking at the designs again, he was rendered speechless.

These two dresses were custom-made and expensive.

Just the rose-colored dress alone was priced in the eight digits.

What a huge spend!

He blushed in shame.

The superstar really put a lot of thought into this for Yun Shishi.

These two gowns had one-of-a-kind designs from a master.

They might not be from Louis Vuittons new collection, but the two outfits were limited editions.

It was only obtainable due to Gu Xingzes long-standing relationship with Louis Vuitton.

Qin Zhou looked at it for a moment.

Since it was custom-made, he could gauge that she would have a strong presence if she wore this.

In comparison, the cheongsam design sent by Mr.

Mu was a little inferior.

It was too conservative.

It was not revealing in the slightest bit.

When it came to walking down the red carpet, what was crucial was catching peoples attention.

Therefore, he hurriedly asked his charge to try it on.

Just as she changed into the different dresses, a knock on the door was heard again.

The man was stumped as he looked at the door.

Who else could be sending a gown over this time

He walked over and opened the door, only to hear a few hushed exclamations from outside the door.

“Oh, my god! What a beautiful gown!”





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