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Even if they were important personnel from Zhong Nan Hai, they must still give him some face.

High-ranking officials in the government also had to nod their heads and bow to him whenever they saw him on the account of his second brother, yet Mu Yazhe could take someone away right under his second brothers nose!

As Mu Lianjue thought about it, his heart trembled in fear.

It seemed that he had fatally underestimated that nephew of his!

When did he accumulate so much power

One ought to say that both brothers were indeed a little naïve!

If the young chap wanted someone, how would Mu Linfengs subordinates be capable of stopping him

The elder got in the car sans any idea of where this vehicle was taking him.

Was it hell


He did not dare think deeper into this.

He could only hope that his nephew would give him some face and not eradicate him!

His second brother did not know that their nephew had taken him away.

If he did, would he rush over to save him

In the hospital.

Mu Sheng was leaning against the head of the hospital bed weakly as he wore an oxygen mask.

He tried to keep his dim eyes half-open as he hung on to his gasps of air with much difficulty like dried-up grass by the yellow spring.

Sitting on either side of the bed was Mu Yazhe and Mu Linfeng.

They were quiet, but it seemed more like a silent confrontation.

The younger man sat in a relaxed and graceful posture; his gaze was apathetically focused outside the window as he waited quietly for news.

His second uncle looked at him, silently sizing him up, as the former also silently waited for a report from his subordinates!

The man sitting in front of him had too many unfathomable things in him that were incomprehensible.

As for Old Mu, he was examining them quietly.

His sickness had worsened and he no longer had the energy to speak.

The trio formed a strange scene.

The air was extremely stifling despite them being in such a huge hospital ward.

Especially after the younger chap had sat in the room, the atmosphere became so grave and stern that one could hardly breathe.

It was dead silent in the room for what felt like a century before the ringing of a phone broke this.

Shocked, Mu Linfeng turned his gaze on his nephew at once; his face was full of alertness.

The latter picked up his phone.

His subordinates low voice sounded from the other end.

“Boss, we have him in our hands!”

The hospital ward was extremely quiet, so the voice coming from Mu Yazhes phone was also heard by his second uncle.

The latter turned pale with fright as he stood up in agitation!

The former eyed him coolly from his periphery before talking slowly on his phone.

“Watch him closely; Ill head over right now!”

“Yes, boss.”

He hung up the call and raised his gaze, only to see his second uncles expression turning all ugly, gloomy, and terrified!

He smiled leisurely at him before asking elegantly, “What is it, second uncle”

“Hes in your hands!”

The middle-aged man was so enraged that his lips trembled.

He really wanted to know how his nephew had managed to do it.

How was he able to take someone away from a military base, which was heavily surrounded and under the armys mighty defense!

“Second uncles hearing has always been good.

You should have heard it moments ago.”

The young chap let out a devilishly charming smile, which was laced with arrogance and frivolity.

He had never shown such ostentatious behavior and haughtiness in front of his second uncle.

The latter had never seen this arrogance display in front of him before.


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