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He had a taste of the petulant nature of this little chap in the past.

The mans almond-shaped eyes curled gayly as he gazed deep into his sons delicate face and gave him a kiss.

“Whatever you say!”

Little Yichen had woken up from bed at this point.

Rubbing his groggy eyes, he walked to the bedroom door and immediately plunged into his fathers arms when he saw him.

“Daddy, welcome home!”

Like two, lazy kittens, the rascals flung themselves on each of his side and took in his full embrace.

Warm and intimate, with the two frolicking in his arms, his gloom dispersed immediately.

Youyous hand phone rang suddenly.

He took a peek and saw that it was an international call.

He recognized the number to be Hurricane Groups internal communication line and Gong Jies.

The call was connected without delay.

“Master Gong, what can I do for you”

“Youyou, I have a piece of good news to share with you!”

On the other end, a tinge of cheerfulness and joy could be detected in the mans typically haughty tone.

The boys heart skipped a beat; he had a bad premonition straightaway.

Still, he tried to hold it down as he probed carefully.

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“I found her!” announced the man excitedly.

After a brief pause, he clarified, “I found the person Ive been looking for all this time!”

The little lad felt his heart suffocating; his pitch rose nervously.

“Who is that person”

“My sister—my biological sister!”

The moment he mentioned his sister, his tone turned soft and tender, even indulgent.

“Her name is Yun Shishi!”

There was a momentary pong!

The boys mind drew a blank.

There was a stab in his heart as he asked mechanically, “Yun Shishi Y-You found her!”

“Mm!” The man gave a terse account of his encounter with her inside a mall.

The more the boy listened, the more worrisome he became.

When he found out that his mother was with him right now, he could feel a jab in his heart again for fear that the man might unconsciously reveal his hidden identity to her.

“Where are you Ill go and find you.”

“Im not free now!” he replied, adding, “Im with her at the moment, and Ive decided to bring her back to the Gong family!”

The boy was alarmed once more.


This is crazy!

He hung up the call abruptly.

As he stood on the balcony and brooded over it, he became uneasy.

The man said that he wanted to bring his mother back to his family!

No way; he had got to stop that from happening at all cost.

Mommy cant return to that family!

Springing into action, he hurriedly called his assistant.

“Agent Li, I have an emergency on hand and need to attend to it.

Come over and pick me up now!”

The agent could sense the urgency in his tone, so without asking for further details, he told his boss that he would arrive in ten minutes before immediately hanging up.

The boy returned to his bedroom, changed into a fresh attire, and told his father in the living room that he had to run an errand.

Mu Yazhe saw the anxious look on his face and asked with a small frown, “Where are you going”

Thinking for a while, his son explained casually, “Daddy, I have to attend to an important matter!”

He did not have time to bother with his father after saying that and left the house without glancing back.

His father was taken by surprise.

Once he reached the main door, he could see the little boy getting into a black sedan, which sped away soon after.


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