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As for the Gong family, its every small move would affect the global affairs.

Every war that happened in this world was related to them!

The power of that family could be seen from this.

Their influences and activities could not be explained in a few words.

Besides, there was a generation feud between the two families!

He could still recall how much hatred Gong Jie had for the Mu family!

No, this wont do!

He had no desire to see his mother being acknowledged by the Gong family.

Plus, the thought of having to address that man as uncle was too much for him to swallow.

He could also imagine how that man and his father would face off, staring down the others pair of vengeful eyes.

Accordingly, both had to address each other as brother-in-law…

He could see that mans twisted and vengeful face when he looked at his father…

The image alone was actually terrifying.

The one who had harmed his grandmother was the Mu family.

Mu Sheng might not be her outright murderer, but he was responsible for her death.

That man must have hated Old Mu down to his bones.

This would mean that he hated Mu Yazhe as well.

This generational feud between the two families would not be dismissed easily!

These, though, were not the main reasons!

The crux was that he did not want his mother to find out his elusive identity.

If she knew that he, at his tender age, was already involved in activities, such as smuggling and tinkering with firearms, and competing for crude oil…

He dared not imagine how shocked she would be!

This gave him such a headache that he could feel his temples pulsating!

“Sir, regarding this matter, how do you want to proceed Do you want to inform Master Gong”

“Well keep it from him in the meantime!” he responded.

“Give me some time to consider how to handle this.”

Just as he finished saying that, the door lock was turned.

Youyou turned around, only to see his father entering the house, and immediately whispered into the mouthpiece, “I have to hang up now! Ill call you later!”


With that, he hung up the call and approached his father.

His dark and serious countenance transformed into a sweet and mellow face as he smilingly greeted, “Daddy, welcome home!”

The man was at the door, looking haggard.

He looked up slightly, only to find his younger son approaching him.

The boy then obediently took the coat from him and hung it on the rack.

This sweet, small act warmed his heart.

“Youyou, let daddy hug you.”

He reached out to bring the boy into his embrace.

This little fellow was much skinnier than his older brother.

The father kissed each of his ruddy cheeks and asked tenderly, “Wherere your mommy and brother”

“Brother is having his siesta and mommy is out shopping at the mall.

She should be back soon.”


“Daddy, are you thirsty Let me pour you some tea.”

“No worries.” The man carried him to the couch and sat down.

As he held the boy, he reached for his little hand to pinch it.

His flimsy lips then parted into a slight smile.

“Its rare for me see you being sweet and obedient!”

In the past, this son of his would only put on this sweet behavior for his mother.

With him, the boy was initially aloof, detached, and full of rejection, and that had changed only subsequently.

Eventually, the little fellow had opened his heart to him and was now less resistant; he had accepted him as his father!

The boy blushed and then snorted, saying haughtily thereafter, “Dont be cocky.

I wouldnt be so nice to you if not for mommy wanting you!”

The man smiled indulgently and did not bother to expose his lie.



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