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That Mu Lianjue was truly outrageous to take down a kid!

He even dispatched a team of fearsome killers after his son.

That man was a bonafide member of the Mu family to employ such ruthlessness!

Yun Shishi could not hear the hushed conversation between the two, but she was taken aback by the rage on the mans face and his intimidating aura.

“What happened” She placed her hand gently on the back of his palm.

The man sniggered with hatred, but his face regained its usual composure soon enough.

“Its nothing!” He gave her a reply that kept her out of this matter before telling Li Ru, “First, let me express my regrets regarding this matter! No matter what the cause is, well bear the responsibility.

If you are willing, let us bring you back to the capital.

What do you think”

“Capital” The woman started to feel uneasy.

“T-Thats not suitable, right”

“Once you come to the capital, Ill find a place for your family to stay and will also arrange the best education for your two children.”

Min Yu chimed in from one side, “Please accept this! Since Director Mu has told you this upfront, well definitely give you the best arrangement! Simply put, you and your children will be cared for your entire lives! You are young masters lifesaver, after all, so do give us a chance to repay your kindness!”

Lingling widened her eyes in shock.

The assistant continued further.

“Ill be frank here; Our bosss intention is to prevent you and your children from being bullied here in the future! Now that your husband is gone, the family has lost its pillar of support.

Do accept our offer for the sake of your children even if youre not thinking for yourself!”

The woman had nothing more to say when she heard that and respectfully accepted their kindness.

“Thank you… Thank you, sir, but I can only think of the future after I settle the funeral here! Let me thank you for your kindness first.”

In the end, as per Youyous decision, after the woman settled the businesses in the village, they would move to the capital.

Yun Shishi carried her son into a room and carefully examined his injuries.

When she saw the wound on his shoulder, which was caused by a beast, remorse-filled tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

The boy sighed in resignation.

He held her face in his palms and gently wiped away her tears, muttering, “Mommy, you are already in your 20s, why do you like to cry so much Can you stop crying, please My heart aches terribly each time you cry.”

His mother did not know whether she should laugh or cry at his serious tone; however, the thought of his injuries made her sip her lips in heartache again.

She picked up his little hand and gave its back two gentle slaps.

“Bad boy, Youyou!”

“All right, Youyou is a bad boy to make his mommy worried.” The corner of his eyes turned up into an indulgent smile as he looked at her, full of gentleness.

She said, “You always make me worry.

That day, you shouldnt have taken mommys place as a hostage!”

“Mommy was hurt,” he replied matter-of-factly.

“I couldnt just watch mommy get hurt and do nothing!”

His mother was deeply affected when she heard that.

“Youyou…” She did not know how to lecture this child of hers.


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