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“I-Im not lying… I-If not for this jinx, ah pa wouldnt be dead…”

With that, the tip of his nose turned red and he started to cry sadly as he held his mothers sleeve.

His mother looked embarrassed and downcast.

Standing at one side, Lingling was reminded of the sad affair and her eyes rimmed red.

Even though it directly did not have anything to do with Youyou, she knew that her father was killed because of him.

However, being rational and fair, she did not blame him!

It was just that her brother was still immature, unlike her, so he was pinning the blame entirely on the boy.

Youyou sipped his lips and looked down quietly in his mothers arms.

He was obviously affected as well.

Li Ru tried to clear the air.

“The little one is young and ignorant.

Please disregard his unruly words.”

“What happened” Yun Shishi could discern that there was something more to the story and probed further.

The woman only sighed and said nothing more.

She knew in her heart that this matter could not be pinned on the boy, though it was undeniable that the family pillar was gone now.

How would she raise her two kids alone from here on

The boy had Vermilion Bird pass the woman a tidy sum of money, but she refused adamantly.

The female mercenary leader thought at first that the woman had rejected out of politeness so she explained that the money inside the envelope, which amounted to a few millions, was to cover her husbands funeral costs and other collateral damages.

While she was sorry to say it could not be used to measure a mans worth, she reminded the woman that she could seek Yun Tianyou for any needs in the future.

This was a message that he wanted to convey.

A tear fell from the womans eye the next second.

Indeed, money could not measure up to a familys pillar!

What was the use of money when the pillar collapsed

In Anyang Village, every household ate what they farmed and reaped from their rice fields.

A man was needed to cut firewood from the mountain and to fetch oil from the oil mill!

Now, the family would be bullied without a man and might even invite gossip in the future.

In fact, someone had already called her an accursed woman behind her back today, saying that she had caused her husbands death.

Her in-laws spited her for Zhao Xiangjuns death as well.

She was really troubled by all these.

The teary-eyed Doudou hugged his mother close as he sipped his lips without another word.

Youyou could take it no longer; he leaned over and whispered into his fathers ear, “Daddy, Uncle Zhaos death has something to do with me! If not for me, the Zhao family wouldnt be bereft of a loved one.

How about we bring the family and settle them in the capital”

“What happened” Mu Yazhe glanced at him with furrowed brows.

“Its Mu Lianjue!”

The boy could not hide the fury in his eyes when he mentioned that name!

Although he had not yet investigated the identity of those assassins, he was certain that they were dispatched by the middle-aged man.

Those men were on a suicide mission to hunt him down and showed no mercy to whomever stood in their way!

If not for Zhao Xiangjun, he might not be alive now!

The boy then secretly narrated the full story of how he was saved by the village man from beginning to end into his fathers ear.

The man was apparently incensed and narrowed his eyes as he balled his hands into fists!


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