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As for the women, they started to get jealous of Yun Shishi.

Not only was she young and beautiful, she even had such a handsome and rich husband.

On top of that, her son was adorable and outstanding.

She was a winner in life!

Why did they not have such good fortune!

The men looked at one another.



This was the first time the villagers heard these westernized terms.

People from the city were truly different!

In the living room inside Zhaos home.

Li Ru sat and looked at the glamorous couple sitting in front of her with jittery eyes.

The siblings stood close to her.

Pursing their lips nervously, they timidly sized up the boys parents at the same time.

Their mother was deducing these beautiful visitors identity when she heard from Youyou that they were his parents.

She was honestly shocked!

She did not expect his parents to be so young and good-looking, with an air of nobility to boot.

Naturally, this made her rather awkward as she sat before them!

In fact, she felt ashamed even!

However, this was not all that surprising on second thought!

When she first saw the boy, she knew that his parents should be equally outstanding to have such an adorable and smart child.

Meeting them firsthand had blown her mind, though!

When Yun Shishi learned that it was this humble and gentle village woman who had saved her son, she hugged and thanked her profusely!

This only made the latter even more nervous.

She was even afraid of taking her hand for fear of dirtying them.

The young woman did not know her thoughts, though, and just held the villagers hand with a gentle smile.

Inferiority surged within the lowly womans heart at this!

She hurriedly welcomed the guests and cautiously brought tea to them.

“These are simple drinks; please bear with them!”

“You are too polite!” the other replied smilingly.

She blushed, wiping her hands on the apron and returning to her seat anxiously.

Lingling suddenly retorted sincerely, “Youyou, your ah ma is so pretty!”

The boy smiled in reply.

His mother saw the little girl hiding at one side and beamed at her, too.

Seeing the woman responding to her with a smile, she blushed and asked shyly, “Beautiful auntie, are you here to get Youyou”

The woman replied smilingly, “Eh! Thank you for taking care of him these past two days! Im here to bring him home!”

The girl looked reluctant suddenly.

At one side, Doudou suddenly retorted strangely, “Hmph, hes a jinx! If not for him, ah pa wouldnt have died! Hes the reason ah pa is dead!”

The other boys face changed at his words.

The mother-daughter pair froze, and seeing the stunned look on the womans face, Li Ru quickly rebuked her son.

“Dont spout nonsense!”

“Ah ma, Im not talking nonsense! He really caused ah pas death!” cried her child in defense.

“What do you mean” asked Mu Yazhe with a frown, a glint flashing across his eyes.

The lad was taken aback by his look and wallowed timidly in a corner.

Seemingly afraid of the deadly aura emanating from the man, he started to stammer, “Im not lying!”


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