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It turned out that these men were Vermilion Birds subordinates, and they were dispatched here to locate him.

They followed the trail up to this location, only to realize that Mu Lianjues assassins had arrived before them.

By the time they rushed over, the mans subordinates had already shot Zhao Xiangjun.

The two opposing teams had a crossfire the moment they encountered each other.

As Vermilion Birds people were way more skilled, his men were all shot to death in just a minute.

Unfortunately, Zhao Xiangjun was already dying.

Upon examination, they discovered the presence of a bullet in his thigh, yet it was not fatal!

The one responsible for his present state was the bullet that had hit one of his lungs.

Having braved through countless skirmishes and fights, injuries and deaths were aplenty.

After checking his injuries and trying to resuscitate him, they deduced that the bullet had penetrated an artery.

Generally speaking, it was relatively cruel being shot in that particular anatomy.

It would cause a hemorrhage, which, in turn, would lead to pneumothorax1.

The person would then fall into a coma and even a shock from breathing difficulties.

Two to three hours later, the person would die from the loss of respiratory function because of lung hemorrhage.

It was a hopeless case.

Moreover, with this place being so dilapidated, it was impossible for them to treat such a wound here.

The boy asked, “Where is he Where”

“In the house.”

Li Ru dashed into the house in a frenzy.

As soon as she stepped inside, she heard a mans gasping sounds coming from the bedroom.

With Lingling in tow, she rushed into the room, only to be shocked at the sight of Zhao Xiangjun convulsing in bed.

They froze for several seconds.

His wife then let out an anguish-filled howl.

Her legs went limp as she stumbled to the bedside!

“Ah Jun! Ah Jun, whats wrong with you”

“Ah pa!”

The little girl threw herself to her father.

When the woman held her husbands face, she found his eyes rolling to the back.

While he was gasping, blood continuously foamed from his mouth.

He seemed to be dying soon!

To her, this knowledge was indubitably the end of the world; despair consumed her.

The sky seemed to be collapsing on her.

Their daughter had no idea what was going on, nor was she aware how her father sustained such injuries.

However, she knew that it was not a good sign when she saw him constantly coughing up blood.

She started wailing in fear.

“Ah pa! Ah pa, whats wrong with you! Ah pa!”

While she was grieving away, her mother swirled and nearly fainted.

She supported herself by holding the bed, but she still found it hard to stabilize her emotions.

Although she did not have any medical knowledge, judging from her husbands current state, she was deeply aware that it was all over!

He could not be saved!

She collapsed on him and mourned tearfully.

“Ah Jun, you cant leave me behind! Ah Jun, wake up; dont leave me…”

The couple had always been very loving.

They were introduced to each other by their families.

The woman appreciated his honesty while the latter doted on her with all his might.

Even though she had imagined countless scenes where they would be separated by life and death, she had never thought that she would lose him like this!

The most painful thing in this world was to be separated from a loved one through death!

She howled mournfully, unable to accept this fact.


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