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This villa, Yun Shan Shi Yi, was still not up for sale in the meantime.

It was without a doubt the best property in this district by Mu Yazhe.

Having adopted the designs of a classical landscape garden, it was beautiful.

This was Little Yichens first time here.

Therefore, the moment he entered the villa, his face was filled with astonishment as he pulled Youyou along to look around.

The younger boy was reluctant as his heart was constantly thinking of his mother, yet he could not resist against the pulling and pestering of his brother; thus, he passed the hot porridge he had cooked to their father.

“This is the porridge I cooked for mommy; please make sure to feed it to her personally!”

As soon as he was done speaking, he was pulled into the backyard by his brother.

In the bedroom, only one extremely dusky wall lamp was lit.

Yun Shishi was lying quietly on the couch.

Despite there being a huge bed, she had shriveled herself into a ball instead while hugging a pillow.

Her breathing was shallow and soft.

It seemed that she was exhausted as she slept deeply.

Even as he approached her side, she still did not sense anything and remained asleep.

She must have been awake earlier since she was now changed into a pure white cotton garment.

This plain dress was somewhat loose and made her look even more slender and petite.

She was huddled in a corner just like a fluffy Persian cat – extremely adorable and able to attract ones need to provide it with affectionate care.

Her sleeping face was still as stunningly beautiful as ever.

Her fair and smooth skin appeared as if it could break at any moment, and looking at her long, well-shaped eyebrows, they seemed to be drawn on using a pen with smooth stroke.

Her eyelids, with slightly trembling thick and curly eyelashes, were closed.

At a glance, her whole petite face was akin to a meticulously drawn ink and wash painting.

Especially under the retro lighting, he could not imagine anything more beautiful than her!

The side of the bed caved in slightly.

He sat down, dipping his head to look at her.

Her shoulders faintly undulated in time with her even breathing.

Under the dusky light, he could see that her lips were gently pursed.

Even though not moistened, they still looked glossy.

They were red, tender, and adorable.

She seemed to be dreaming as she pursed her lips in her sleep.

This innocuous and subconscious action was rather bewitching as it came across as a silent invitation for something else.

Before returning, he was at a vanity fair where he went through a dispute and contest for benefits.

Thus, he had been in a rather bad mood.

However, once he saw this woman, his taut and gloomy mood began to ease gradually.

At least, he was not feeling that frustrated anymore!

Mu Yazhe reached out his hand and stroked her lips gently, his icy fingertips tracing her luscious, red lips.

His heart skipped a beat as he felt the warmth seeping into his fingers.

He was filled with desire just from that!

Looking at those seemingly parted lips, one could not help but desire to bite them furiously and taste their sweetness.

In reality, he put it into action and did exactly that!

The man lowered his head slowly and cupped that charming and tender face with his huge palms.

With exact precision, he covered her mouth with his as the tip of his tongue licked the inside of it.

As she remained unconscious, he invaded her lips and soaked in the bewildering sweetness without restraint.

The fragrance was so fine that he did not know what to do with himself!

The gentle breaths only increased the intimacy further.

In her dream, she seemed to have detected his extremely invasive action, so she let out a resentful moan.

This sound only caused him to almost lose control of himself! His lower abdomen tightened for a moment, and a part of his body burned like hot metal!


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