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He looked back at her calmly and spoke in a hushed voice.

“Do you know whom you have offended Yun Shishi, let me tell you what will happen next so that you can be mentally prepared.”

Pausing, he leaned forward.

“Soon, the phone on that table will ring.

The man on the line is someone high-ranking, and he surely has close ties with Li Dongliang.

He will first notify the chief police officer to take this case off my hands.

Next, youll be detained here for twenty-four hours; itll be a long period with lots of things happening in between.

Someone will then replace me in supervising this case.

What does this mean This means that your speech rights will be revoked and yourself-defense plead will be turned into a simple assault case.

This can even be escalated into a more serious and malicious crime.

Indubitably, your criminal charges will increase.

Although people may find your conviction incomprehensible, no one will dare to doubt the validity of it, and of course, no one will ask about your rights; bluntly put, youll be coerced to make a false confession.

After that, youll be tried in court and be sentenced to jail for dozens of years or even for life.

If youre lucky, youll spend the rest of your life in jail, but do you know Unforeseen circumstances are frequent occurrences in prison; there are prisoners who never live past the second day after entering the prison, and this is the harsh reality of it.”

Leaning backward in his chair with a calm expression, he casually sipped a mouthful of tea from the cup he had lifted off the table.

The womans face had long turned pale.

“Why Why did things turn out this way! Clearly, it was self-defense…” She only hurt him to protect herself, but she actually… would receive such a heavy sentence!

He let out a grim laugh.

“Isnt this world like this Its the law of the jungle and the weak always get bullied.”

As she looked at him despondently, she felt that the so-called rules of this game-like world were unfathomable!

In other words… that Li Dongliang might use his connections to throw her into jail, and she might be unable to extricate herself from this fate!

He sighed helplessly as he put down the cup.

“Im really sorry! Although I really wish to help you, I wont be of much help in this matter!”

With a bowed head, she fell into silence.

“If… things turn out just like you said, can you do me a favor”

The man frowned.

“What favor”

She took the pen and wrote a string of numbers on his palm.

“Tell him that Im here, please!”

She looked at him with pursed lips.

He calmly retracted his hand and clenched his fist.

Not long after, the phone on the table rang as was expected and its sudden ringing startled her awake from her slumber.

Shuddering, she looked at the phone with a pale face.

The chief police officer patted his belly as he stood up and went to the table.

His expression immediately turned respectful with a smile dangling on his lips the moment he answered the call.

Mo Chengan crossed his arms expressionlessly, but his brows revealed his sinking mood.

Sitting in her seat, her hands got increasingly cold while her face gradually stiffened; despair seeped through her eyes.


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