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He smiled when he found her staring at him and raised his head to meet her gaze.

With her scrutiny having gotten discovered, she felt awkward and quickly averted her eyes from him.

In his capacity as a policeman, he had come into contact with all sorts of women, from the flirtatious type to the pure and cutesy type to the sexy and charming type, but he really had no idea what term should be used to define this girl before him.

In terms of cuteness, she had a very sexy figure, though.

Her eyebrows were aloof and her eyes were narrow yet charming; they were very mesmerizing and, at the same time, revealed purity and innocence.

While her appearance came across as indecipherable to others, she just quietly sat there with a white towel draped on her drenched body.

Her hair was wet like seaweed, making her look disheveled.

He could tell at a glance that she had been abused.

All the signs were there; the right side of her face was red and swollen, the corner of her lips had a bloody wound, her slightly bared shoulders had some bruise marks, her clothes were in a mess, and her collar was torn.

From the maids testament in the villa and learning that this lady was a beginner actress, he had a rough understanding of this situations origin.

As he was not one to pay attention to the entertainment industry, he naturally did not know who she was.

She was deemed as turning herself in for she called the police herself.

He also understood from the maids that this lady was unwillingly dragged to the villa by Li Dongliang, and not long after, she ran downstairs with bloodied hands to call the police.

Was this a case of the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry

That was what he had guessed!

It was commonplace in the industry to send women to accompany producers, big bosses, and investors to bed.

These days, without someone generously supporting her, a newbie artiste could only rely on exciting scandals and gimmicks to get her name out there.

The majority of the newbie actresses were not famous from the get-go; generally, under such a situation, star companies would be unwilling to risk investing in them.

Of course, it was a different story if one willingly paid a little price in exchange.

He had encountered such matters before, but most of them were mutually willing.

A few years ago, a young model rushed to the police station to report a case of a well-known investor raping her and pleaded for the police to open a case about the matter.

His colleague was in charge of this case.

That colleague naturally received pressure from the higher-ups, so the investigation was quickly concluded.

That unknown young model later became a first-tier female artiste with a booming career and popularity.

In this world of material desires, how could a small civilian fight and win against those with power, influence, and status

Yun Shishis eyes drooped in discomfort under his unbridled watch; it was hard to conceal her tired look from her small and beautiful face.

Slowly holding up the cup to warm herself up, she lightly sipped a mouthful of the tea and frowned at its bitter taste.

He laughingly said, “Theyre not premium tea leaves.

Youll just have to bear with the taste!”

She sipped her lips at that.

This was her first time drinking brewed tea leaves; hence, she had not yet adapted to the teas taste.

Glancing several times at her, he asked, “You dont look like an adult; how old are you this year”

He then flipped open the interrogation record and poised his pen at the ready.

Upon seeing her dazed look and her continued silence, he gave her a puzzled look with a raised brow.


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