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Chapter 100: Jealousy and hatred


Yun Na felt shamed and hatred.

She keeps begging for mercy, but Yun Yecheng’s anger didn’t lessen and even threatened her to sever their father and daughter relationship.

That night, Yun Na constantly washed her dirtied body.

She cursed Yun Shishi a thousand times inside her heart.


Today was the last day of the audition, even if she put a thick foundation it won’t be able to completely cover up her puffy face because Brother Qiang hit her face several times and was swollen for days.

Her original delicate and pretty face is now bloated.

Her pale face looks very ugly.

Needless to say, how can she pass the interview if her face looks like thisWouldn’t the director fail her at once

At this state, she will only waste this opportunity.


At that moment, Yun Na saw Yun Shishi and got surprised.

She suddenly remembers that Brother Qiang said furiously that he offended a gold master because of Yun Shishi.

This bitch actually climbed on a gold master

But, how can that be She is low-class civilian and has Yun Tianyou.

So, how could a gold master get interested in her

How did she do that

Could it be that she also knows that I framed her that day

Yun Na’s heart got panic.

However, she didn’t go near Yun Shishi and just keep her in her eyes and stayed silent.


The music room door open and the interview for the second batch has ended.

All the girls came out, some of them are smiling and some of them looks sad.

The competition is really cruel.

The person in charge for the interview went to the door, he loudly claps his hands and said his command thru megaphone.

“Third batch ready yourself!”

Gu Xingze gently patted Yun Shishi’s shoulder and said: “Shishi, you can go inside now.

Remember in my heart, you are Yin Xiachun ah!”

When Yun Shishi heard him she gently nodded.

The crowd gradually dispersed.

Yun Na looked at Yun Shishi while she’s entering the room for the interview.

She will really participate in the audition

Who gave her this opportunity

Her eyes turn and saw Gu Xingze was looking at Yun Shishi very gently. Is it because of him

Oh my God, it was her perfect idol singer that debuted ten years ago, Gu Xingze!

Why is he looking warmly at that whore Yun Shishi It’s too unfair!

Yun Na helplessly looked at Gu Xingze and Yun Shishi while standing side by side inside the room.

Her heart felt jealous and injustice and her eyes turn red in anger.

The interview was held in a dance classroom that was surrounded by a mirror and a piano on the side.

On the podium, there were eight examiners that were sitting in rows.

Among the examiners is the “Green Fruit” male lead actor and producer Gu Xingze, and the entertainment industry’s four gold medalists “Green Fruit” director Lin Fengtian.

With just two interviews, Lin Fengtian already felt tired.

Rather than tired, it was more on visual fatigue.

Gu Xingze’s influence is extremely alarming, starting from registration up to the tens of thousands of people enrolled in the audition.

After the screening, there are still hundreds of beauty to pick out, but even after the few interviews, there was still no one in his mind.

The original version of the heroine Yin Xiachun has a thick and long black hair up to her waist, has a neat and beautiful looking little face, has an innocent and romantic night sky pair of eyes that hides many little stars and has a fresh and lovely looking complexion.

With the two finished interviews, can he still find his ideal heroine


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