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Chapter 4141: The Other Side 110Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

When she asked about Natalia, Hua Jin answered, “Yes.

Natalia is taking a nap.”

“Kids wont have any energy without a nap.”

The boy looked at his mother then shifted his gaze to the actor and back again.

Their expressions were so different that he could not tell what they were thinking.

The actor studied the boy, probing cautiously.

“And you are…”

“Idiot, Im Youyou.” The boy rolled his eyes adorably.

“Dont you recognize me”


The actor answered honestly.

“Well… I wouldnt have known.”

“Haha!” The boy looked in the direction of the bedroom and pursed his lips.

“That guy must have made a mess of the kitchen, no”

Everyone could tell that the clumsy guy he was talking about was “Gong Fan”.

The actor heard this and immediately said, “Ive tidied up the kitchen.

But Natalia seems disappointed that theres no dessert after all.”

“No worries!” The boy flexed his wrists and smiled at the actor.

“Ill get the series of desserts ready in no time.”

“You dont have to force yourself.”

“Since Ive promised, I have to deliver it! Besides, it doesnt matter.

Im not the clumsy one.” As he spoke, the boy headed towards the kitchen.

Yun Shishi told her brother and the actor, “Ill give him a hand.”

Gong Jie couldnt help teasing her.

“Well, I get the feeling that you wont necessarily be of any help.

In fact you might just be causing trouble.”

She bridled at that.

“You dont think Im good enough”

Gong Jie couldnt help chipping in.

“Dont go adding to the mess, Sis.

Everyone knows you cause more trouble in the kitchen than you can help.”

Yun Shishi turned red with anger and embarrassment.

“Fine!” She had no choice but to settle herself on the sofa like an obedient child.

It was late afternoon when Youyou gently placed the last decorative flower on the cake in the kitchen.

Thus, the series of desserts was successfully completed!

Coincidentally, Natalia had just woken up from her afternoon nap.

As soon as she walked out the door, she smelled a sweet aroma.

She followed the aroma to the dining room, where she found a series of desserts all laid out on the table.

Within this series, in sequence, were cookies, doughnuts, little cupcakes… They were all in the same shade of pink, exquisite and beautiful.

Natalias eyes widened in surprise.

She hadnt expected the series of desserts to be completed.

This was probably considered a beautiful surprise.

“Youre up” A voice came from behind.

Puzzled, Natalia turned around to find Youyou standing behind her, hands clasped behind his back, smiling warmly.

“Do you like it”

“You… made all these”

The boy nodded.

“Uh huh!”

“You are…” Natalia muttered suspiciously for a moment, then ventured a name.


For some reason, the boy froze.

Suddenly he asked, “Have you met him”

“Him…” The so-called “him” referred to Gong Fan.

Natalia understood and nodded.

“The one this morning.

It wasnt you.

It was him, wasnt it”

The boy nodded, and for some reason his expression changed.

“He… doesnt know how to make desserts.”

“Ahhhhhh…” Natalia was silent for another long moment, then her face broke into a satisfied smile.

“I thought todays series of desserts must have been ruined.

I didnt expect you to actually make it, Youyou.

Thank you!”

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