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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 841: The Bell of Chaos

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“God is indeed a creator, but he isnt the only creator in the great wilderness.” Fuxi couldnt help but say something when he saw through Lu Yuns thoughts.

The creator!

Ashu had spontaneously gone mad when he saw the kunpeng, because the creature contained the secrets of creation. Creation had become a demonic obsession in his heart.

“Whos the other creator” Lu Yun asked, taken aback.

“Im sure youve figured it out, the human sacred land is built on top of an enormous tomb. But I warn you, youre not allowed to even think about it!” Fuxi whirled around and leveled a serious look at Lu Yun.

“The other creators buried in this tomb” Lu Yun was even more surprised.

“Thats right, this tomb inters the first creator beneath the heavens and the ancestor god of the humans—the great god Pangu.” Fuxi nodded.

“Pangu The ancestor god of humans Werent humans created by Nüwa forming us out of clay” Lu Yun asked subconsciously.

It was Fuxis turn to be taken aback and he stifled a chuckle. “Nüwa If she could form humans out of clay, wouldnt that make her a creator as well”

Lu Yun blinked and didnt say anything else. But he really wanted to ask if Pangu had truly hewed the world out of the heavens.

“Sometimes, whats recorded in history isnt the truth.” Fuxi looked solemnly into Lu Yuns eyes. “Theyre just some events that we want future generations to learn of.”

Lu Yun nodded and followed Fuxi down a winding path toward the peak of Mount Buzhou. The mountain was too tall for one to easily glimpse its top as it ran from the earth straight into the heavens. If one stood midway up the mountain, theyd be able to oversee the entire sacred land—all of Pangus great tomb.

In fact, Lu Yun could see all sorts of formations and feng shui layouts in the human sacred land. Here, the two were one and the same. They were both two sides of the same coin and complemented each other. With the two overlaid, they deployed even greater power. These were the most fundamental formations and feng shui—the most basic display of the power of heaven and earth.

Many of the feng shui layouts he saw were previously only recorded in the archives of his sect; hed never seen them in action. Some, he couldnt even set up! It was plain to see that Fuxi was the inventor of formations and feng shui, and that the heritage of his sect was the legacy of the human sacred land!

Fuxi is my… greatest forefather!

“Im very gratified that you didnt pass on your formations and feng shui to the Yan Tribe.” Fuxi smiled, seeming to sense Lu Yuns revelation.

Fuxi… was his forefather, the very first one. No wonder hed been able to set up the bronze palace in Azure Province with Wayfarers help! That grand feat wouldve been impossible if Lu Yun had attempted it alone.

Even though that had been only Wayfarers skin by his side, that was still Fuxis sense of touch and retained a portion of his strength. That was why Lu Yun had been able to successfully complete that influence over heaven and earth to seal the fissure beneath the Azure Province tomb.

“The human race is too weak at the moment and doesnt possess the right to know these things.” Lu Yun nodded. “I still retain my sense of what can and cannot be done.”

He was changing the very core of humanity—how they lived, strengthening their bodies and souls, and sparking their intelligence. Even the qi refinement method was suitable only for humans.

Formations and feng shui, however, were different. They made use of outside forces and manipulated the power of nature. There were no such concepts in the great wilderness yet. Whether it be divine spirits, monster spirits, demons, gremlins, or demon gods, no one understood the art of formations and feng shui.

They, at most, made use of naturally occurring formations. If Lu Yun passed on what he knew to the human race now, it would be the moment of their extinction.

Fuxi was able to blatantly put them on display in the human sacred land and not attract any untoward attention because he was Fuxi. Wahuang stood by his side, and Leize and Huaxu behind them.

“Were here.” Fuxi stopped after they traveled an indeterminate period of time.

This was the peak of Mount Buzhou, but Lu Yun felt like they were in another world, one like the great wilderness, but also vastly different. The great wilderness was a planet, and here… was a place like the world of immortals.

A man wearing a purple robe sat in the middle of the world. His head was lowered and his chest rose and fell with rhythm, as if he was asleep.

God! The only creator still alive in the great wilderness!

But when Lu Yun took a good look at him, it felt like a bolt of lightning had struck him. Tongue-tied and stupefied, he looked at God with incredulity. “Its him, its… him!”

“Thats right, its him.” Fuxi nodded.

Lu Yun had never met God before, but hed once seen the great being in an image in the celestial master tomb… the one whod killed the lungs of the world with one blow and materialized the Path of Ingress!

"Its a pity that God is dead… dead in a dream to the future,” Fuxi sighed.

“I… I can save him!” Changes flickered across Lu Yuns face and he grit his teeth.

Gods body was alive, but his soul was dead. However, there existed a fragment of his soul in the celestial master tomb! Hed once materialized in the underworld to intimidate the mausoleum keepers, which had given Lu Yun the false impression that the purple-robed man was still alive in the celestial master tomb. It hadnt been until later that Lu Yun realized hed seen a fragment of lingering thoughts.

If he could send Gods body into hell, into the sea of Hell Flowers, then the flowers could reform his soul!

“Tushans already given you the Bell of Chaos.” Fuxi suddenly pointed at the bell hanging in front of Lu Yuns chest. “Store the body in there and return to the future. Once you place Gods body in the celestial master tomb, hell naturally be able to come back to life.”

“The Bell of Chaos!” Lu Yun goggled at the little golden bell around his neck. This thing was the connate treasure called the Bell of Chaos And the little fox had handed it to him just like that

He could barely believe everything that was being revealed to him.

“Correct, the Bell of Chaos.” Fuxi nodded. “This is a treasure that Taiyi used to witness dao. When he died, it eventually made its way to Tushans hands. Now that shes given it to you, she means for you to bring Gods body to the future where his only hope of salvation can be found.”

“That little fox seems to have lost her memories,” grumbled Lu Yun.

“Neither do my five senses know who I am in the future.” Fuxi flicked a sideways glare at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun nodded and took off the bell, then looked at Fuxi. He had no idea how to use it and had tried to refine it more than once after the little fox gave it to him. However, the tiny bell never responded to anything he did.-

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