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The demon god deeply cherished his dream future—he wanted to imitate the primeval shamans and control the immortal dao through melding demonic dao into it, pioneering a demonic immortal dao! Therefore, he would never go on a senseless rampage. In his eyes, all living beings were his future followers and worshippers.

He was no madman, he just wanted to turn the world of immortals, the universe, and the entire multiverse into demonic soil. He didnt want to annihilate all life.

But now, someone was controlling the fur seals and had used them to butcher all of the cultivators and immortals of the West Sea. Theyd even collected all of the fragmented souls, true spirits, and his Ichor Bog!


Lu Yun put down the cup and looked at the demon god with a shake of his head.

“I know why youre here, and I can give you the corrupted zombie tree.” The demon god sighed when he flicked a glance at the tree behind him. “I cant oppose that one… Im far from his being his match. His demonic nature is stronger than mine and his will far superior.

“My ideal is to create a matchless era of demonic immortal dao, but he wants to destroy all life. Hes a complete madman.”

Lu Yun blinked.

“Youve completely refined the Exalted divine emperors true spirit, and the demonic tree is the best body for it. Youll be infinitely close to being a great emperor if you coalesce a nascent spirit… are you really willing to give up all of that” Lu Yun asked curiously.

“I dont want to die,” the demon god responded seriously. “The moment I form my nascent spirit and truly control the tree will be the moment of my execution. He wont let go of me this easily!

“He could seize even my Ichor Bog, to say nothing of a demonic tree that Ive just gained. Hes just waiting for me to grow into my strength.”

“Who is he and what is his relationship with you” Lu Yun asked in response.

“He is my master and was dismembered by a certain taboo existence. He was kept in four coffins and used a little bit of his nature to create the four blood demons. Now hes come back to life and taken his place in the world again…” murmured the demon god.

Lu Yun shuddered violently. The demon gods master was the terrifying being that Ge Long had segmented and buried in the four evil coffins, the ones voluntarily created by the elders of the four divine spirits!

Hed thought that Ge Long had completely destroyed the fiend after taking control of the four demons, but now it walked the earth again!

“I will give you this demonic tree if you let me seek asylum in the Dao Academy and have me for its dean of demonic dao,” the demon god suddenly offered.

Lu Yun thought for a moment, then nodded his acquiesce. The immortal dao was the primary pillar of the Dao Academy and the paths of all could be found within it. Divine dao, shamanic dao, and demonic dao all fell within its purview.

The current dean of divine dao was Zhaoqing, Lu Yuns tenth Yama King, and the dean of shamanic dao was Xingzi. Demonic dao was a premier great dao as well, but its dean position had remained empty all this time. The five heavyweights of the Star Demon Sect were unwilling, and indeed they also lacked the qualifications for the role.

It was a perfect match if the demon god joined the Dao Academy.

“I will allow it,” responded Lu Yun. “But you cant do as you wish after you join the Dao Academy as our head of demonic dao. You cant invade the other schools just because you want to.”

“Naturally.” A smile appeared on the demon gods face while the towering demonic tree pulled itself up, shrinking to a sapling the height of three inches. It landed in his hand, which the demon god then gave over to Lu Yun.

After he took possession of it, Lu Yun sent the tree to hell.

“My darling disciple, so youve betrayed your master and given something your master favors to someone else!” An aged voice suddenly rang out, one slightly fuming with rage.

“My masters here!” Gasping in horror, the demon god exploded a hundred million tons of seawater with a wave of a hand, filling the air with black mist to blot out their surroundings. This black seawater was so peculiar that it could obstruct not only the eye, but the mind as well.

“We need to go!”  The demon gods body could no longer endure the pressure of a great emperors true spirit after hed given up the demonic tree, so he didnt dare release his strength—he could only grab Lu Yun and run.

“No rush, Id like to see what kind of being your master is.” Twin flashes of starlight glowed in Lu Yuns eyes, and he somehow traded places with Xing Chen in the next second.

Without further ado, the presence of a peak great emperor bloomed over the West Sea. Its appearance heralded the manifestation of an immortal dao that ran through the world, a path of immortality that dripped with scarlet blood.

“Its you!” Fear and incredulity suddenly tinged the aged voice, and an elder dressed in black robes appeared in front of Lu Yun. His features were indiscernible and black energy wrapped around him. A kind of destructive, ruinous desire projected unabashedly from his emotions.

“Its me” Lu Yun blinked, understanding what the old man meant. Somehow, this wasnt the first time that this elder had met him, and he knew the level of strength that Xing Chen wielded.

That put Lu Yun on high alert. Within hell, the Dusk River, corpsefire, Traceless, living soil, and demonic tree sent energy to Xing Chen through the Tome of Life and Death, further strengthening the replica.

“Do you know me” asked Lu Yun.

“DIE!!” came the answer. The elder erupted into emotion and brought down a pitch-back blade of light onto Xing Chen.

“What the **, crazy old man!” Lu Yun roared. He hadnt thought that the elder would start a battle here without a further word! 

Though the old man wasnt a great emperor, he wielded the strength of one! A clash between two great emperors would be enough to level the West Sea and disassemble the world of immortals! It was at this point when Lu Yun finally understood what the demon meant by “madman”.

Didnt this elder know that once the West Sea exploded and the world broke apart, the resulting backlash would blow even great emperors to pieces

Is he really not afraid of death

The black blade came down on Lu Yuns head with the momentum to doom the world. Its light glinted with boundless hatred, and even Lu Yun had no idea where all this hatred came from. There wasnt any time for him to consider this at present, however. Traceless appeared in his hand and he gripped it in a backhanded riposte, meeting the blade of light head-on.

“Bastards, do you want to destroy the world of immortals!” a furious roar descended from the heavens.

An enormous bell and cauldron dropped from above and smashed at Lu Yun and the elder, wanting to separate the two. The experts of the Purple and Crimson Firmaments had arrived in the nick of time with the sword bell and sword cauldron.

The combined might of the two treasures manifested something like a minor world, summoning a primordial ruin located beneath the Black Sea—the fur seals home. When it appeared, it sucked Lu Yun, the demon gods master, the sword cauldron, and sword bell into it.


And then it exploded.-

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