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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 731: Star Divinity

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“I see, then.” Lu Feng gently waved a big fan edged with gold. “Does that mean you make the decisions in the Lin Clan now”

His aura built up to greater force as he spoke, and the sea water beneath his feet trembled, frothy bubbles breaking through its surface.

“Pssh, so what if you do You wont be leaving with either the brothers or treasures today.” Lu Feng planted himself in front of the brothers. He wasnt extremely tall or strongly built, and in fact looked a bit weedy, but in this moment, he seemed as mighty as a towering mountain. “Ill be paying a visit to the Lin Clan after taking care of you.”


He snapped the folding fan shut and transformed it into a strange looking immortal sword, one with dark-gold light swirling over it.

“Hahaha!!” Lin Lie threw his head back, his laughter filled with arrogance and disdain. “I more or less know all about you, Lu Feng. Do you think you can strut around like a preening peacock just because you defeated Yin Jiuying of the Corpse Refiners”

Twin beams of hazy black light shot out from his eyes, and Lin Lies presence surged out of his tight hold. Pulsing balefully, his aura blasted into the skies. An origin dao immortal from the Primordial Era!

The presence of a primordial origin dao immortal was emanating from Lin Lies body!

“Thats Lu Yuns formation of heaven and earth, and a dao-grade one at that! But he hasnt shared any for dao immortals…” Changes flickering rapidly across his expression, Lu Feng immediately recognized the source of the presence radiating from Lin Lie.

A formation of heaven and earth could form a minor world when etched into the body of an immortal, producing the energy of the world and making the recipient no different from a primordial immortal.

Lu Yun distributed these formations through the merchant alliance in Dao City, and any immortal in the world could obtain one as long as they paid the retail price—a price that wasnt too high, in the grand scheme of things. There was an enormous difference between it and the one thousand spots thatd been up for grabs in the Dusk auction.

However, all formations up for sale were for use below dao immortal. Ones to be etched into dao immortals still required either Lu Yuns hand, or the joint efforts of Feinie and Xuanxi. Of course, if a regular immortal ascended to dao immortality with a formation already etched into them, then their formation would evolve into a dao-grade one as well.

Being just one generation older than the Lin brothers, Lin Lie wasnt all that senior in the Lin Clan. He was less than three thousand years old, but hed already reached peak arcane dao realm. What set him apart was that there was a formation of heaven and earth inside his body.

“Lu Feng, you think too little of the Lins,” jeered Lin Lie as he took note of Lu Fengs expression. “If the two traitors Lin Yu and Lin Xuan could become formation grandmasters, do you really think we have none other”

The energy of the world coalescing around him, Lin Lie grabbed at the air and returned with an inky spear. A cold light blossomed at its tip as it was leveled at Lu Feng.

“Crawl away, or die.” Tremendous confidence blossomed in Lin Lies eyes, dispersing the last bit of arcane dao force in him.

“Are... you talking to me” A tyrannical light dawned in Lu Fengs eyes. “A mere origin dao immortal dares speak to me like this!”


Streaking into a thin line, Lu Feng quickly blinked in front of Lin Lie.


Before anyone could react, he flung a heavy hand across Lin Lies face. The latters neck recoiled like a spring, flatlining several dozen meters into the distance before it bounced back.


A second slap connected heavily with Lin Lies other cheek, sending him spinning round and round in the air like an enormous top.

“That Yin Jiuyings body was a connate divine beast, the jiuying, and an entity worshipped as a divine spirit in the Primeval Era. Just what do you think you are, you mangy cur, to threaten your daddy like this!”




Face slaps rang out resoundingly in the air, bringing to mind the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereigns ambush of Lu Yun not too long ago. The same face-slapping scene had been delivered by Lu Feng then as well.

Though no one knew whod won in the great battle between Lu Feng and Yin Jiuying in the outer realm, at least both of them had been able to retreat in one piece. The demon sovereign and Lin Lie, however, hadnt been able to raise any resistance to Lu Fengs humiliation. It was plain to see that when it came to Lu Feng or Yin Jiuying, both ranked well above primordial dao immortals.

At least the demon sovereign had been able to escape from Lu Fengs clutches, but Lin Lie could only stand dumbly in place and be slapped silly. He suffered several thousand slaps in just a few breaths, swelling his face up like a pigs!

Jaws dropped in the crowd—this was a flawless origin dao immortal, a renowned heavyweight in the world! Even if he survived the encounter, he would never again be able to show his face in the world, not after being pinned down in the air to be slapped at someone elses mercy. This was the greatest of extraordinary humiliations.

“It was a wonderful thing for the world of immortals to gain another flawless origin dao immortal, so I was going to leave you in one piece and with some face. But you piece of ** that your own mother would be ashamed of dares threaten me! Crawl away or die! Ill have you wishing for death!”


Another heavy slap landed on Lin Lies face during Lu Fengs tirade; blood was oozing out of the hapless Lin immortals eyes, nose, and mouth. His mind buzzed and hed even forgotten how to instinctively call upon his immortal force. Lu Fengs slaps came down with too much force.

“Now let me see whats with that formation of heaven and earth in you!” Lu Feng reached out with one hand, intent on yanking Lin Lies nascent spirit out for a closer look.

“Enough!” An angry roar sounded, quickly followed by a carpet of silver radiance creeping over the sky. Brilliant cosmic light collected as an enormous sword, slashing down on Lu Feng.

His forehead crinkling into a frown, the faintly golden sword light around him shifted into a long chain and met the sword of starlight in the air.


A golden and silver ray of light collided in the air, blasting the premises into the void. Shock tinged Lu Fengs face and he immediately gave up on Lin Lie in front of him. Protecting the Lin brothers behind him, he shot backward in a hasty retreat.

The starlight condensed into a figure of silver—a man. Short and stout, his features were quite ordinary, but a vibrant light sparkled in his eyes that resembled the stars. His silver hair was also as remarkable as a river of stars.

Donglin Taihuang!

Hed disappeared ever since Lu Yun announced a bounty on House Donglin by the Exalted Divine Tombs. Somehow… hed gained the strength to resist Lu Feng upon his return.

“Star Divinity,” Lu Feng said with a faint frown.-

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