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In the world of immortals, life proceeded as usual.

Most regular immortals, including some crippled origin dao experts, were unaware of what had just transpired. But some special existences and all of the celestial emperors keenly felt something afoot as if the very air was imbued with a peculiar invisible energy.


“Ah, its the venerated immortal emperors treasure.” Inside a small mountain gorge, a youth stood up and stretched leisurely. “Since the heavens permitted me to survive and be reborn, I shall strive in this life to reforge our glories from a hundred thousand years ago!”

Impressively, this young man was a primordial powerhouse reborn. He blurred into motion as he headed toward Destiny City.

Quite a few others like him could be spotted in various other places in the world. The primordial immortals had possessed a keen sense of danger. Many of them had found a hiding place on the eve of the catastrophe. Though theyd died in the end regardless, their souls and true spirits had survived and quietly awaited rebirth.

There were also those who walked out from ancient tombs; awakened by intrepid tomb explorers of the current age, these ancient powerhouses possessed the bodies of their hapless victims and hidden themselves afterward. After the rediscovery of the void realm, they too had re-emerged one by one.


Destiny City was exceptionally lively these days.

Apart from the imposing city itself, a profusion of citadels had been erected in its vicinity. Through two Sovereign Rankings, Destiny City had further consolidated its status and was poised to become the number one “sacred city” in the world.

At first, the lord of Destiny City hadnt planned on holding more than one Sovereign Ranking, but Qi Hais arrival had changed everything.

Lu Yun hadnt participated in the second gathering, but a host of geniuses from all over the world had responded to the call and gathered in Destiny City.

Under Qi Hais supervision, this gathering had become an occasion to spar and interact with each other so that all the void-realm powerhouses of the world could work together to improve themselves.

It was precisely to this Sovereign Rankings credit that the numbers of void-ascended immortals had continued to increase.

After Dao Citys rise to prominence, countless void realm methods began to circulate in the world, as well as various void-ascending methods, combat arts and mystic arts, and even formations of heaven and earth.

In such an environment, Destiny City grew even more prosperous. Meanwhile, Qi Hai pulled the strings behind the scenes and continued to incorporate various geniuses of outstanding talent into the faction.

Of course, as a human, his goal was to revitalize mankind. He wanted humans to stand once more at the top of the world, to control the immortal dao, and to rule over all the other races. Therefore, he naturally wouldnt rear geniuses for potential enemies and only chose humans blessed with immense potential.

“Only the perfect timing is left before we can establish the sacred land of human dao and rekindle mankinds glory.” Hovering above Destiny City, Qi Hai looked at the sky. Hed also noticed the immortal emperors treasure, but it brought him no joy. The treasure was too powerful, too eye-catching. It wasnt something that Destiny City in its current state could touch.

He very much coveted the treasure, of course, but he wasnt blinded by greed. If the treasure were truly to fall into Destiny Citys hands, it might do more harm than good and snuff out the newly-kindled spark of hope.

Compared to the treasure, what he cared most about was humanitys future.

Many major figures throughout the land had dispatched geniuses under their wings to Destiny City, while some others had come in person.

The path leading to the central world lay inside the Sovereign Stele. However, this path came with a formidable restriction. Namely, dao immortals were barred from setting foot on it. The greatest realm allowed was the peerless immortal realm.

Actual fighting prowess mattered little, only ones cultivation realm mattered for the restriction.

Void-ascended immortals were still a relatively new phenomenon. Apart from rare cases like Mo Yi or Lu Feng, the strongest ones were merely empyrean immortals. Due to Lu Yuns efforts in spreading formations of heaven and earth far and wide, quite a few old-system peerless immortals were now endowed with one. In battle strength, they could be compared to the primordial immortals. They were the main protagonists in the fight to come over the treasure.


“City Lord, fellow daoists hailing from the world over have gathered in Destiny City. Please open the path.” All of the celestial emperors had come to Destiny City in person. Ancient writings were the only places where one could find mention of the immortal emperors treasure. However, their heavenly mandates could vividly sense the items presence.

The treasures power was formidable, surpassing the Immortal Subjugation Seal that represented the worlds legitimacy. It was classified as forbidden by both the world and the immortal dao. For many, even if they couldnt get their hands on it, they had to at least obtain the “Immortal Subjugation Seal.”

The Enlightened celestial emperor appeared to be a young man. While hed reached origin dao realm, he hadnt fully grasped the heart of a true celestial emperor. When he spoke, light could be seen dancing in his eyes.

Nephrite Majors throne currently sat empty, and the majors guardians, Art and Zither Saints, cared only about defending it from foreign invasions. Therefore, there was nothing preventing these celestial emperors from arriving in person in Nephrite Major.

“Theres someone still missing… The road will only open when he arrives.” The lord of Destiny City gently shook his head.

“Oh” Many blinked in surprise.

“Who” The Enlightened celestial emperor faintly frowned.

“Lu Yun of Dusk Province,” answered Destinys city lord.

“Lu Yun How is this matter related to him”

The crowd froze for a fraction of a second when they heard the name “Lu Yun.” Although the young governor wasnt particularly strong, Dusk Province had grown to such a degree that many now considered it a real threat.

At first, theyd thought that even if it were to become a sacred land of immortal dao, they could simply choose to ignore its existence. Alas, Dusk Province had bared its fangs. In Witherdew Major, the Dusk Phalanx had trampled everything standing in its way and conquered many provinces and assorted territories all the while inflicting disastrous losses on many factions.

Many were those who were afraid that once powerful enough, Dusk Province would set its sights on conquering the world of immortals.

“Hes the very reason why the treasure has come into being in the first place,” Qi Hais voice sounded from the sky. “The primordial immortal emperor has chosen the boy as his successor.”

Qi Hai was all too happy to make some trouble for the young man.

“What!” The celestial emperors whod made the journey to Dusk Province sprang to their feet, ominous sentiments flickering rapidly through their faces.

“In this world, there are no immortal emperors, only celestial emperors,” the Enlightened celestial emperor retorted. “The immortal emperor is a thing of the past. He can no longer influence this new era.”

“This Qi Hais really gifted when it comes to making things difficult for me.” Inside Destiny City, a disguised Lu Yun and Qing Yu sat inside a teahouse and observed the exchange between all these mighty characters from afar.

“Theyll still probably find another way to open the stone stele even in my absence.”

There was a path inside the Sovereign Stele to begin with. Last time, the will of the immortal dao had taken control of the Sovereign Ranking and brought out Nephrite Majors key treasure, the Ingress Path, to establish it as the road leading to the central world. 

“According to my calculations, the road can be opened by gathering the heavenly mandates of all nine majors, ten lands, and four immortal seas.” Qing Yu nodded.

Sure enough, someone else soon brought up this method: force the stele open with the heavenly mandates of the world! 

The world of immortals was a vast realm with abundant riches and countless capable persons. A method that Qing Yu could so easily calculate would naturally occur to others as well.-

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