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Chapter 1558: An Abnormal World

“Your master created this luopan” Lu Yun asked after a brief pause. This luopan was also refined via the Dragonquake Scripture, but it wasnt the one that hed crafted. This one was older and exuded an air of primitive simplicity. Who knew how long itd been around

“I dont know.” Xing Wuliang shook his head.

Lu Yun didnt say anything and took the compass of intersecting white and black from the mans hands. A luopan of heaven and earth required the Dragonquake Scripture or Dragonsearch Invocation to operate. For someone unfamiliar with either, the compass was just scrap metal to them.

Not even a supplemental grandmaster at Nihil World Sovereign would be able to operate it, to say nothing of Xing Wuliang.

“Did your master teach you the method to use it” Lu Yun asked.

“No,” Xing Wuliang chuckled wryly. “He only said that if the creation seed shares a destiny with the Star Sect, there will naturally come a person who can use the luopan to find the seed. If not…

“Junior brother Feng, would you like to try” Inspiration struck the man. Feng Feifan could master the Water and Metal Virtue Orbs, as well as his Horizons Edge. Perhaps the young man could also utilize the compass to find where the seed was hidden!

Lu Yun toyed with the treasure in his hands. The Dragonquake Scripture was taboo in the Hongmeng—the Central Hongmeng. He hadnt intended on using it even after becoming a potentate and piercing through the realms barrier.

The Central Hongmengs legacy came from the original Hongmeng. In that case, the Dragonquake Scripture had likely been taboo also during that age. Where and who it came from had long been relegated to a mystery of time.

Wait a second!

Lu Yun abruptly recalled that there were two others living in his Disordered Hell—Mo Yi and the Dao King. They were from the original Hongmeng and were notable personages within it. Perhaps they knew something about the Dragonquake Scripture.

To think was to take action, and Lu Yun quickly projected a replica into the Disordered Hell.

“Are you here to ask about the Dragonquake Scripture” Mo Yi leisurely fished by the side of a small lake, releasing every fish she caught. It was no end of entertainment for her, and the fish seemed perfectly happy to be caught again and again.

Life forms were appearing in his sixth hell.

“Yes,” Lu Yun nodded.

“The Dragonquake Scripture is taboo in the Hongmeng because it destroyed the original Hongmeng,” Mo Yi answered gravely. “The orders of the Central Hongmeng are that of the original Hongmeng, so the Dragonquake Scripture is not permitted to appear in the Central Hongmeng either.”

“The Dragonquake Scripture… destroyed the original Hongmeng” Lu Yuns mouth went dry.

According to what Hong had told him, the original Hongmeng was the core of the fourth realm and oversaw the realms hundreds of millions of planes. It was a regal existence that reigned over all, much like the relationship between the world of immortals and Earth.

But the Dragonquake Scripture had destroyed it That was too far-fetched. What kind of method was this scripture

“You practice the method yourself. What would happen if you operated it at full strength in the Central Hongmeng” Mo Yi lifted her eyes to Lu Yun.

“Um… probably half of the Hongmengs dragons would answer my call and enter my body.”

“There you have it,” Mo Yi nodded. “There was one such person back in the day who used the Dragonquake Scripture at full strength and collected half of the dragons in the realm to ward off enemies.

“His intentions were good, but… the half of the Hongmeng that lost their dragons turned into the weakest parts of the realm. His battlefield became an opening into the Hongmeng, and the realm split apart from that weakness until finally…

“An enormous bang sounded as the Hongmeng shattered into shards drifting through the fourth realm. He shouldve been a hero, but he became our greatest sinner instead.” Mo Yi tilted her head up to where the Dao King sat cross-legged in the air. He didnt move, seemingly in meditation.

“To prevent tragedy from happening again, he split apart the complete Dragonquake Scripture into the Dragonsearch Invocation, Dragonshift Method, and Dragonspike Litany. No one imagined that Fuxi would find them in the chaos and bring them back to the worlds,” Mo Yi sighed. “Then you returned them to their origin and recreated the Dragonquake Scripture.”

“The three-eyed race passed down the Dragonquake Scripture. Fuxi was dead in the chaos then,” Lu Yun frowned.

“The three-eyed race” Mo Yi giggled. “What three-eyed race Thats Fuxis true form. He has the body of a snake and the head of a human, with a vertical eye in the middle of his forehead. Thats the third eye apart from his regular two.”

Lu Yun paused, dazed. Zhuo Bufan had ended the three-eyed race when he killed the man hed pursued. Nothing had been left of him, and Lu Yun hadnt seen a second person from that race since, whether in the chaos or Hongmeng.

So Mo Yi was telling him now that the three-eyed man whod caused no end of trouble in the chaos, slipped into the Inception Sacred Palace, and sworn to eliminate the inception sacred race was Fuxi himself

“The Dragonquake Scripture is forbidden within the Central Hongmeng and unaccepted by its orders. Anyone who practices it is plagued with misfortune,” Mo Yi said slowly as she looked at Lu Yun. “Fuxi used a secret art to collect his evil self and had him practice the Dragonquake Scripture, then become one with the Hongmeng, chaos, and worlds. He formed a karmic relationship with all three realms, one of life and death with you, and ultimately died in your place.

“His remaining two bodies died in lieu of your dao partners, to whom you passed on the scripture to.”

Lu Yuns heart spasmed painfully.

“Why… why must we revitalize the Dragonquake Scripture!” Lu Yuns voice was a bit hoarse.

His dao came from Fuxi, and hed walked the path that Fuxi had laid out for him during the past thirty-three great devastations. Only, at that time, he hadnt seen Fuxis three corpses.

“Because Fuxi discovered that only with the Dragonquake Scripture will the original Hongmeng reappear in the fourth realm.” Mo Yi continued to look upward, out of hell and through the tomb outside into the vast fourth realm.

“Why must we have the original Hongmeng reappear in the world Is it only out of lingering sentiment from those of the original Hongmeng” Lu Yun murmured.

To exist was to be rational. The original Hongmeng was no more and everything now had formed a new order. Must they resurrect the old order to replace the new

“Do you think the current fourth realm is normal” Mo Yi refocused her gaze on Lu Yun. “Is it normal Is this a normal realm”

Lu Yun blinked.

“You are a Nihil World Sovereign, so do you see a normal state of existence Or do you see an empty realm devoid of everything” Mo Yis lips curved upward.

etvolare's Thoughts

1. Don't tell me Lu Yun went back in time and destroyed the original Hongmeng at some point. His future self could've totally done it.

2. So Fuxi created the big bad enemy for his own realm and family. He is such a prankster lol, and couldn't he have told his fam about this crazy plan first-

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