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Chapter 1531: The Dust Settles

The mistress of the Hongmeng was here, at a time when no one expected her to appear. Dashing beyond belief, she wore a mans outfit and became the center of existence the moment she manifested.

The Curse King shifted uncertainly while the Dao King looked at her quietly. Any word he couldve spoken and all of his endless yearning distilled into a single gentle gaze that settled tenderly on her.

Just like how things had been in the original Hongmeng, he didnt need to prove anything to her or have her bare her heart to him. It was enough that he could look at her like this. Nothing else mattered in this moment.

The immortal dao, heaven and earth, Hongmeng, and even the great dao in this realm could drift away upon the wind. None of it needed to exist as long as she was eternal.

The Dao Kings mindset thus improved in an unknowing fashion and his cultivation took a massive step forward. But no matter how far his strength reached, he possessed only the level of a peak potentate in this Hongmeng.

I will protect her even if I die and am reduced to ashes! he vowed. He didnt blame her for appearing now. All he needed to do was to continue what hed been doing all along and protect the mistress of the realm.


The mysterious figure also looked at the Dao King. Her lips trembled as if to speak, but she elected not to say anything in the end.

“Youre… youre here” the Curse King said hesitantly after a long pause.

“How else would you have the chance to eliminate me if Im not here” Her voice was clear and measured with a hint of a strange emotion inside.

The mistress of the Hongmeng stood unmoving in front of Lu Yun; the Disordered Hell was yet to fully take shape. Its main body was still inside the Hongmeng Pearl and Lu Yun was preoccupied with the spirit of disorder. The two of them fought in an illusory world while he appeared to be standing still in the air to everyone else outside. He was just standing there with no sign of anything having gone wrong.

The mysterious figures appearance staved off further action from the Curse King. The dust had settled on everything after Lu Yun smoothly set foot onto the deviated path. The Curse King didnt have anything else in mind at the moment—he was already plotting his next scheme.

But to think that the mistress of the Hongmeng would appear when he was about to prevent Lu Yun from crafting a new order, and in a most unexpected way!

His hands tightened into fists and he snuck a glance at the Dao King. There was the tiniest crack in the void next to the Dao King, one that led to the fourth realm. If the Curse King made a move… his opponent would stop him even at the cost of destroying this Hongmeng world.

“No need, no need. If this Hongmeng is destroyed, then all of my great curses laid down here will be erased as well,” the Curse King murmured to himself. “But I know who she is now that shes shown herself—shes that interesting character from the world of immortals, Mo Yi! Hmm, she wont get away anymore after her identity is known. There will be a lot more chances to take her out in the future.”

Hed never dreamed that the mistress of the Hongmeng would keep such a high profile in the world of immortals!

Shed been the first to set foot into the void realm and the first to ascend to immortality from it. Shed pioneered void realm methods and illustrated the profound mysteries of that realm to the cultivators of the world. Shed then returned to immortality and set foot on a path that didnt yet exist.

From what he expected, the mistress shouldve kept a very low profile and strictly adhered to the orders of the world of immortals. She would never spearhead the new immortal dao!

The mistress of the Hongmeng smiled at the Curse King. He stared back at her for a very long moment before sighing. With her on the scene, he would never succeed in killing Lu Yun or preventing the establishment of a new order.


Within the Disordered Hell, Lu Yuns nine dao rules slowly shifted from pure black and returned to their original purple.

“So youre the mistress of the Hongmeng, I shouldve known!” Lu Yuns expression was unspeakably complicated as he looked at Mo Yi standing next to him. “…were you present at the war that marked the end of the human dao era”

“Yes.” Mo Yi inclined her head.

“Then you sent the Bridge of Forgetfulness to the fourth realm.” He suddenly thought of the treasure first found in the fourth realm. If it wasnt for him and Qing Yu following its traces, they wouldve never made that pivotal first visit to the fourth realm. He wouldnt have comprehended the most marvelous use of the Tome of Life and Death or obtained his cultivation level of the fourth realm.

Hed originally thought that itd been Lu Qing or Tianqi who sent the bridge there, but as his knowledge expanded alongside his strength, he realized that neither Lu Qing nor Tianqi had the requisite power or strength to accomplish that task.

“Mmhmm.” Mo Yi nodded again.

“Then…” Lu Yun wanted to postulate further, but Mo Yi stopped him.

“Dont speak of your treasure, I dont have the ability to give that to you,” she interrupted. “If I had the ability to see it and obtain it, I wouldve kept it for myself. Of course, I dont have the right to give it to anyone else either.

“As for what it is, youll know when you get the brush of the future.”

Lu Yun wanted to ask about the Tome of Life and Death.

Mo Yi was indeed answering his unspoken questions about the Tome of Life and Death.

Lu Yun nodded and fell silent. The silver flames had fully enveloped the spirit of disorder and was refining the confusion within. Thus, the Disordered Hell within the Hongmeng Pearl began to truly take shape.

“I didnt know there was a place like this around! Its more suitable for me than the Hongmeng! Suppress disorder There needs to be disorder first if you want to suppress any! Im the king of disorder and can rule over it all!” The spirit had turned into a little boy roughly four years old. Adorably sized, his clear eyes shone brightly. His true spirit hadnt fully formed yet, but itd completed the process and even progressed to an actual shape after meeting the Disordered Hell.

“But you need to get me a body,” grumbled the spirit.

“Ive already located your body and will bring it to you after this matter concludes.” Lu Yun nodded.

“Yay yay!!” cheered the spirit. “You dont need to worry about anything here, Ill finish it all for you. I know how to refine and suppress disorder best.”

He waved a hand and collected the silver flames as a tiny silver outfit on his body. The spirit of disorder was acting according to its instincts and nature, nothing more, nothing less. The Disordered Hell was more ideal for him to live in compared to the third realm, so he was going to take up residence here.

If a better place came around one day, he would betray Lu Yun without hesitation and head there instead.

Newly formed, the Disordered Hell continued developing. All of the danger and crisis that Lu Yun had faced seemed to be resolved. He opened his eyes to dao rules that were completely purple, then deployed the dao rule fusion method that Qing Yu, Miao, and him had jointly derived.

True kinghood was the process of dao rule fusion, and when all nine were one, that made the cultivator a potentate.

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Alright, who guessed Mo Yi I really wonder who Qing Buyi and Chen Xiao are then!-

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