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Chapter 1522: Coming in Continuous Succession

The Immortal King is the Purple Kings father!

The revelation sent everyones heads spinning. Some had thought that even if the Immortal King was related to the Purple King, he was either the kings heir or descendant. But he was actually the Purple Kings father

Jin Naluo was off to the side in the shadows and had once heard Lu Yun make a similar claim, but thought nothing of it. What, hes really the Purple Kings old man!

No one doubted the Curse Kings words.


Lu Yun sent the Yang Potentate flying with a swing of his hammers, but he was also suffering tremendously from their clash. The Yang Potentate was a true potentate while Lu Yun was just a ninth step king!

Indeed, Lu Yun was truly a ninth step titled king now, once the strongest level in the Hongmeng. His title was still the Immortal King!

Previously received for his mastery in supplemental dao, he now confirmed it with battle strength. Nine dao rules had taken root in his body. Hed officially set foot on the deviated path and reached its end.

The many numerous ninth step kings present at the scene kept their eyes on the Immortal King. They dearly wished for him to survive. If he did, then they also had hope to become true kings and potentates.


“Kill him.” The Yang Potentates body drifted down in a spiral from the air.

The three thousand true kings looked at each other—they were afraid. Lu Yun had blocked many of their combined attacks when he was still in the superior realm. After he reached ninth step kinghood, hed used his weapons of sequence to force back the strongest potentate in the realm. What was he capable of now

“Kill!” came a furious yell from the horizon.

An enormous blue crossbow bolt suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yun, circled past his Glacial Fire Hammers, and shot for the center of his forehead.

It was so fast that he didnt have time to react. He didnt even have time to form a thought before the bolt arrived in front of his eyes. At the same time, a ray of brilliant purple-golden light rose from the center of his brows and transformed into a golden pagoda that blocked the crossbow bolt.


The Aer Crossbows, divine weapons protecting the divine nation of Aer that were on par with the Terra Crossbows!

“The ten divine nations have indeed changed.” The Army Pagoda slowly grew bigger as the king soldier as well as a hundred and eight soldiers walked out. They were now all true kings, and the king soldier rivaled the rulers of the divine nations. This still wasnt their peak condition, however. They were constrained by the Hongmeng since its orders were scrambled; they couldnt deploy their full strength in the realm.

Despite that, the sudden addition of a hundred and nine true kings by Lu Yuns side gave him an unparalleled boost in strength and confidence.

During this time, the battle remained confined to the air over Azure Dragon Lake without spreading to other areas. Four figures stood in the cardinal directions, sealing away the premises and turning it into another dimension.

The Pill King, Weapon King, Talisman King, and Formation King!

As spirits projected by the four supplemental orders of the Hongmeng, they couldnt take part in the battle, but they could restrict its area of effect. Otherwise, successive moves from a mass of true kings and potentates wouldve pierced through Azure Dragon Region itself. Even the Hongmeng would quake from the fallout.

The Curse King didnt dare say anything to the four projections and neither did the eleven potentates dare interfere with their actions.


The appearance of the king soldier and others failed to deter those of the ten divine nations. Another ten crossbow bolts whistled in from ten different directions after the Aer Crossbows failed to connect with their mark. The ultimate weapons of all ten divine nations were firing at the same time!

The rulers of the ten nations each wielded crossbows of light. Bolstered by the eleven potentates, there was no limit to the amount of strength that the rulers could bring to bear.

Roaring angrily, the king soldier pointed the pagoda toward Lu Yun to protect his master. He knew full well what kind of power all ten weapons combined would result in. Perhaps they still wouldnt come close to a divine weapon of sequence, but some part of their marvelous strength could circle past the hammers and mash Lu Yun into a pulp.

The Army Pagoda released the strongest power it could currently bring to bear and swept nearly tangible curtains of aureate light in all sides. When the ten crossbow bolts sank into the curtains, it was like they were swallowed by a bog. However, they were still able to release an exceedingly odd strength that instantly broke through the pagodas defenses and slammed into Lu Yuns Glacial Fire Hammers.

Blood dribbled out of Lu Yuns mouth. HIs method of nothing was being affected and the hammers were losing some of their potency!

“The ten who crafted the greatest weapons of the divine nations are stronger than the overlord of Ice!” He realized with shock and swiftly thought better of his tiny arrogance. As strong as the overlord was, the ten founders—whether of the ten divine nations or the Ten Valleys of Evil—were even greater!

Even just a singular Violetgrave was the materialization of the Nether Hell! The other nine would be as equally impressive as her.

The three thousand true kings regrouped and rushed Lu Yun.

“Whoever comes up will die!” snarled the king soldier as a blade appeared in his hand. He led his men in a howling charge at the true kings.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Immortal King will soon be dead. Do we kill him, or do we capture him to see what makes him so special” asked the Metal Potentate. “When I visited Multitude City earlier, I couldnt break its defensive formation.”

“Kill him so we can avoid loose ends,” the Yang Potentate responded noncommittally. “Whatever makes him special is his alone. If we capture him, that will only turn out badly for us.”

“In that case, we will kill him and eliminate all chances of redemption.” The others nodded and materialized from the void, attacking Lu Yun at the same time.

“Do you see that, Dao King” smiled the Curse King. “Lu Yun will still die though youve restrained me.”

“Thats not necessarily true.” Glyphs intersected beneath the Dao Kings cross-legged position—a primitive trajectory of the fourth realm. Two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine of them formed a cage in the air and trapped him and the Curse King.

A massive roar echoed as soon as the Curse King finished speaking. Amid gazes of astonishment, a black qilin as large as a purple crystal mountain stepped out of the void and crashed through the eleven potentates attacks with a single fore claw.

“The black qilin from the lost ancient city… It abstains from the conflicts of the Hongmeng and even gave up a position as the fifth ancestral god, so why is it getting involved now” The Yang Potentate and others greeted the development with unwelcome surprise.

Next to the black qilin also came the azure dragon, white tiger, vermilion bird, and black tortoise ancestral gods.

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