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Chapter 1521: The Cultivation Method of Three Lives

Lu Yun labored under tremendous pressure—anyone else in his position would already be dead on the spot. But since hed chosen to ascend to titled kinghood next to the Azure Dragon Lake, he was naturally prepared with all manner of contingency. He stepped forward with his right foot, taking just one step.


An immense explosion accompanied a huge wave from the waters beneath his foot. The order of opposition and power of destruction thatd dispersed was once again present, awakened by his summons!

Six balls of light blazing like miniature suns appeared next to him—the six orders of the highest degree from the chaos. They formed a mammoth Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals that operated at maximum strength. Influence from the six dao palaces also drifted in and out of sight within the orders.

Their combined aura was more than a hundred times stronger than the same formation deployed in the mythological realm!

But faced with a barrage from three thousand true kings, the mighty formation lasted only a dozen breaths before collapsing. The regathered order of opposition and power of destruction also fully dissipated.

From this moment on, Azure Dragon Lake was just an ordinary lake, its waters no different from anyplace else in the Hongmeng. Everything thatd made it different had completely disappeared. A joint offensive from three thousand true kings was enough to raze any place of danger in the Hongmeng.

Ten inches of time appeared in Lu Yuns hand the moment his formation collapsed. He called upon the method of nothing to use his handful of time; the method of nothing could activate the sequence of time!

A wisp of sequence appeared in the void, melding into the ten inches of time.


A hundred million kilometers of space trembled as Lu Yuns ten inches of time transformed into a leaping river of purple water. It ran through the earth and sky of the third realm and rendered attacks from three thousand true kings into dust—reduced to a footnote in history through the power of time.

“Ten days Thats not too long.” When Lu Yun lifted his head, the flow of time around him began to speed up.

“Its the order of time… hes gotten water from the river of time in the lost ancient city!” shouted the Yin Potentate. “Break!”

She was a female potentate in a black silk dress. Haughty and aloof, she was stronger than the Terra and Metal Potentates. Of their peers, the Yin and Yang Potentates were the two strongest in the realm.

A streak of black sword light raced from her hand and slashed viciously at the river of time running through the land.


The sword light hacked an opening through the river, shaking the waters. Despite that, fear still appeared on the faces of the true kings.

They were all immortal since there was no time in the Hongmeng. They would live forever as long as no one killed them. But when it came to time, even potentates were faced with a limited life span. They would eventually age and die, turning into the dust of the realm.

The river of time in front of them would have that effect on any of them. So even though the Yin Potentate had cleaved it apart with one blow, they still didnt draw near.

It was an instinctive fear deeply rooted in all beings of the third realm.

“Piece of trash!” The Yang Potentate—the Yin Potentates dao partner—suddenly put away his key and dove from the skies, aiming a fist at Lu Yuns head.

The Immortal King had utilized the order of time to accelerate the solidification of his dao rules. With the job complete, the Hongmeng Tower was already fading away. It wouldnt protect Lu Yun in its absence, so there was no point to the eleven potentates further suppressing the tower.

The Yang Potentate was the first to make his move. Encompassed within his punch was a vast meaning as infinite as the pure seas. He was a hundred million kilometers up in the sky one second and in front of Lu Yun the next.

The river of time crumbled away when the potentates blow landed on it.

Too strong.

The potentate was so strong that he stood at the apex of the third realm. He was one tiny step away from piercing through the barrier around the Hongmeng. But currently, his strength was infinitely close to the void refinement level of the fourth realm.

The overlord of Ice had passed on the method of nothing to Lu Yun, but the ten inches of time came from the Hongmeng. The Yang Potentate might not have approached if the entire river of time was present; a mere ten inches wasnt enough to deter him.

“I see.” A trace of understanding wove into Lu Yuns thoughts as he looked at the Yang Potentates snarling face. “If there is no time, then there is no changing of the times. Anything would forget their original intent and motivation after all these years.”

Once upon a time, the ten divine nations had come to be in order to protect the Hongmeng. They would suppress the ten fissures to safeguard all beings within the realm. But after all these long years and lacking the memories of time, theyd forgotten what their original purpose was and who they were.

Perhaps theyd grown tired or had come to hate their mission. Perhaps theyd changed to pursuit of self interest and now collected the strength of the realm to break through the barrier and escape this prison.

It was what had happened to the Ten Valleys of Evil.

The Dao King hadnt opposed them simply so he could seize the world of immortals, but because the valleys had changed. If it wasnt for the Immortal Region exerting pressure and keeping them away from other matters, the ten valleys mightve lived up to their name and become a major pestilence in the Hongmeng a long time ago.


An earth-shattering explosion sounded. Lu Yuns river of time completely broke apart, but so did the Yang Potentate fly backward. A pair of scarlet hammers had appeared in front of the young man. Though they burned with flames, their core was pale-blue ice.

Everyone saw the blazing hammers of ice in Lu Yuns hands—the Glacial Fire Hammers.

“Thats Feng Feifans weapons of sequence! Whats it doing in the Immortal Kings hands!” shrieked the Terra Potentate.

“Feng Feifan is the Immortal King and the headmaster of immortal dao!” called out the Curse King, still standing off against the Dao King. “He used the mistress cultivation method of three lives to cultivate his past, present, and future selves. Feng Feifan is his past self that was sent to the mythological realm!

“He sired the Purple King in the past. The Purple King is the son of the Immortal King!”

“What!” Collective gasps of shock sounded through the realm.

The mistress cultivation method of three lives

There was no time in the Hongmeng, so it was almost impossible to travel to the past or future. But the mistress of the Hongmeng had done it, and shed traveled from the historical Hongmeng to the present day world of immortals. The Dao King hadnt been able to find any trace of her no matter where he searched.

“I see.” The Fish King in Azure Dragon City finally understood what was going on. His past self! “Then my master will surely show himself for this.”

etvolare's Thoughts

Seems like everything's coming to a head... I think we're done with the third realm after this-

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