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Chapter 1513: Terra Ruler

The intersection of fire and ice formed a power that overrode all strength. In comparison, the Terra Crossbows made of origin earth energy were barely worth a glance. The bolts that they released were all snapped by that overwhelming power!

“How is this possible!” The crown prince paled with horror atop the city walls. Itd been the last thing on his mind that Feng Feifan would be so domineering as to beat back four true kings by himself!

Supplemental true king!

Someone who could employ supplemental dao to this level was absolutely a supplemental true king! Additionally, it was plain to see that the beams of light from that pair of hammers could smash through the Terra Crossbows!


A crisp hum reverberated through the air, summoning beams of light from all ninety-nine sets of crossbows at the same time. They swiftly gathered in the air and transformed into a crossbow of light that covered all of King Qilin City.


It shot out a bolt that was also made of light, but one with energy that surpassed the shackles of the third realm and entered the fourth.

Lu Yun compelled a fresh surge of ice and fire energy from the hammers; it was instantly pierced through by the bolt in a fiery blaze of mutual destruction. He stood in the air with the hammers by his side, then suddenly inclined his body at the waist.

“Feng Feifan greets the Terra ruler.”

A towering figure had appeared over the skies of King Qilin City. It wielded the Terra Crossbow of light—the ruler of the divine nation!

Hed appeared in this critical moment and utilized the core essence of the crossbows to combine them as one, barely managing to stop the Glacial Fire Hammers.

“Feng Feifan… are you the Purple Kings father” Ready to rain condemnation down on the impudent stranger, the rulers heart skipped a beat when he heard the name.

The Purple King was an unparalleled existence! Those of the chaos thought hed reached the third realm, while most of the Hongmeng thought he was just a sixth step king. However, the last dragon lord of Dragonhollow Mountain had said he was a true king.

Beings of a level only saw matters that were within their reach. Only when they stood high enough and looked far enough could they see how magnificent and imposing was the mountain that they faced.

In the Terra rulers eyes, the Purple King was absolutely on par with them and stood at peak true king realm! And now his father had appeared

Feng Feifan of the mythological realm!

The Purple Kings lineage was a secret, but those at the level of the divine nations rulers knew of it. When the Immortal Region destroyed the mythological realm, Feng Feifan was already dead and the Purple King had yet to come into his fame.

After the latter became the person that the general public knew now, however, the rulers of the ten divine nations had tried to derive his past. Theyd learned that he was from the mythological realm and that his fathers name was Feng Feifan.

Everything else was blank.

But today, today! On this day! A name that shouldve been lost to history had reappeared in front of Terras capital and wielded divine weapons of sequence from the fourth realm!

“Thats right, I am the Purple Kings father and Yu Xuanjis martial grandfather,” Lu Yun answered faintly.

The Fish King walked over to Lu Yuns side and bent slightly at the waist, indicating her respect to the divine nations ruler. It was no secret that she was the Purple Kings disciple.

A variety of expressions flitted across the rulers face. He couldnt quite get a handle on Lu Yuns level of strength and the rulers primary body was in closed door cultivation. This was just his replica that was borrowing the power of the Terra Crossbows to materialize.

That blow had been the limits of his abilities. If Lu Yun activated the hammers once more, he wouldnt be able to defend against them.

“I have come with Xuanji to retrieve my belongings, but your crown prince attacked me. Ruler of Terra, you should be giving me an explanation.” Lu Yun hovered imperiously in the air. His tones were soft, but they brooked no questioning. If Terra didnt explain themselves to him, he would use the hammers to raze the city.

As mighty as King Qilin City was, the Glacial Fire Hammers were a weapon of sequence!

They were forged by the overlord of Ice whod comprehended a wisp of sequence. Though there was only one strand of sequence within them, that still put them beyond Nihil World Sovereign. The method that the overlord had given Lu Yun prior not only enabled him to utilize the sequence of time to exile the withered wood, but it also granted him the ability to wield the Glacial Fire Hammers.

“What kind of explanation would the gentleman like” The Terra ruler took a deep breath. At the same time, his primary body stopped cultivating and began furiously absorbing origin energy of earth, collecting it for the Terra Crossbows.

The Army Pagoda spun in the air and landed in Lu Yuns hand when he waved it down; the rulers pupils constricted violently at the sight of another great treasure.

“I wish to enter your treasury and choose a few items,” Lu Yun said.

“No!” the crown prince snapped out of his daze. “Royal father, this man has the heart and ambition of a wolf. He seeks to destroy us and—”

“Shut up!” The Terra ruler shouted and silenced his son with a palm. “Fine! But I wish for you to leave immediately after you take your pick and never approach our borders again!” he shouted. “Otherwise, I will kill you on sight even if it takes my life!”

He was one of the strongest true kings in the realm. If he really put everything on the line, Lu Yun wouldnt be able to fend him off.

“This divine nation is the Terra Potentates, how would I cause any trouble here” Lu Yun nodded.

The Terra Potentate was the divine nations source of confidence. Though Lu Yun wanted access to the treasury, he wouldnt clean it out or be over the top in his selections. That would only arouse the potentates ire. If the potentate really wanted to kill Lu Yun, there would be no one in this realm who could save the young man.

A door of light floated in front of Lu Yun at the rulers gesture. He didnt want the stranger to enter the city proper—he was inordinately wary of this mysterious figure from history.

After today, it was a given that the name of Feng Feifan would be known throughout the divine nations.

“Lets go inside.” Lu Yun and Fish King strode through the door together.

“Royal father…” The crown prince struggled for a bit before giving up.

“Your cultivation realm is only true seventh level. Id planned on giving you the throne when you reached true kinghood so I could continue training by masters side…” murmured the Terra ruler.

The crown prince shook and hope flashed through his eyes—hope that was quickly dashed.

“But youve disappointed me too much today. You brashly utilized our most important weapon without assessing the opponents true strength. If itd been lost, you would be the sinner of the entire Hongmeng!

“From this day forth, you are no longer the nations crown prince. Yu Tiankong, you are the new crown prince!” the ruler announced coldly.

Inside King Qilin City, a young man splashed with wine and lips slick with grease froze in a daze. The imprint of a pair of red lips on his cheeks bobbed up and down when his mouth opened and closed with shock.-

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