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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1349: The Hell of Order

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The Human King arrived with valiant fanfare at the head of a host of kings; the eighth step Turtle King was among them. Their goal for this trip was to kill ghost kings and harvest incredible wealth from the Immortal Pagoda. They didnt want supplemental treasures, they only wanted purple crystals. They would empty out the pagoda!

Even the Dao King couldnt refine the ghost crystals, it was impossible that an Immortal King wet behind his ears had found a way to use them!

In their eyes, this was just the Immortal King buying popularity and swaying the will of the people.

At some point, one hundred and eight forts had risen at the border between Starspace and Cloudruin Region. The hundred and eight kings from the Immortal Pagoda hadnt entered the occupied region. Instead, theyd planted a hundred and eight purple crystal veins in the ground and then crafted purple crystal cannons on top of them!

Purple crystal cannons were a variation on the immortal crystal cannons that Lu Yun had created in the world of immortals. These were modified for greater power and firing range. They could pierce through almost all of Starspace Region—weapons of war in substance and name.

The moment the cannons were completed, rays of piercing purple splendor shot into Starspace and blasted the incomplete ghost nest into smithereens. Furious howls echoed from Starspace as multiple high level ghost kings charged out. But every time they showed their face, a stroke of sword light cut down on them.

The Acclaim King hefted the king grade flying sword that Lu Yun had refined for her and lounged languidly next to Jinse. She yawned lazily with boredom.

“There are so many ghost nests like these in the Hongmeng, so why is the eminent one so preoccupied with this one, eh Its just a Starspace Region, so what if we lose it” The true expert in residence at Cloudexit City was the Acclaim King—a ninth step king of Hopeless Major.

The one hundred and eight sixth step kings that the Immortal Pagoda had sent out also came from Hopeless Major.

“And what do you know” Jinse snorted. “Starspace is close to Redbud Region and all of the purple crystals we currently use in cultivation come from Redbud. Losing that region would be real pain and the ghosts of the realm would strengthen at least ten thousand times over!”

While others might be afraid of the Acclaim King, Jinse didnt think much of her. Jinse was once a founding elder of Hopeless Major and her tenure eclipsed Acclaims, despite wielding a weaker cultivation. She was now an eminent Infernum and her name written in the Tome of Life and Death!

“Alright, alright,” sighed Acclaim and flourished her sword again, executing a newly appearing seventh step ghost king. A ghost crystal fell into her hand, to which she tossed it to Jinse.

Jinse immediately sent it to Lu Yun when she caught it.

Hua Fengwen listened to their conversation indifferently. In his eyes, ninth step kings were just bigger ants.

The appearance of one hundred and eight purple crystal cannons threw Cloudexit City into an uproar. The destructive abilities of one cannon was on par with the full strength of a sixth step king!

Planting a premium crystal vein into the ground and using it as the catalyst to absorb the boundless energy of the realm was a stroke of brilliant workmanship!

Many people wanted to purchase a cannon, but when the Immortal Pagoda priced it at ten thousand crystal veins each, all would-be purchasers were promptly scared off.

Ten thousand crystal veins Even high level kings would find it hard to spend that much money. However, the cannons safeguarding the border made it possible for more cultivators to enter Starspace Region and hunt ghosts.

“Eh Thats the Turtle King of the Immortal Region. Whats he doing here” Acclaims eyebrows rose with surprise when she glimpsed the newcomer.

Having fought the Immortal Region for countless years, she knew their powerhouses like the back of her hand. Though the Turtle King was only an eighth step king, he stood at peak eighth step kinghood and wasnt far from ninth step.

“Hes here for me and Hua Fengwen,” Jinse said coldly. “Stay hidden and dont come out. If he dares put another foot forward, Ill handle him.”

“You” Acclaim blinked.

“Ill ascend to eighth step kinghood if I kill him!” Frosty killing intent glinted in her eyes.

Jinse had been stopped at peak seventh step king for endless eons. This was supposed to be the limits of her potential, but her name was written in the Tome of Life and Death now.

Infernum with their names entered in the treasure were strengthened by it, instead of seeing their potential restricted. She was fully confident of slaying an eighth step king, even if he was at the peak of his level.


Lu Yun went into closed door cultivation in Cloudexit City. Instead of returning to the Immortal Pagoda, he found a random inn and began refining the ghost crystals streaming to him from a variety of sources.

When the ghost crystals were devoured by the tiny order of flame, they transmuted into motes of silver light and melded into the fire. After it consumed the high level crystal that Jinse sent over, it trembled and exploded with dazzling silver radiance.

Silver tendrils like wisps of hair appeared in the surreal flame of order, becoming the only tangible existence within the fire.

Lu Yuns body turned a bright silver as well. Ripples of order undulated out from him and were blocked from spreading further by a formation hed sent up ahead of time. When the silver radiance slowly faded away, a tiny hint of silver sparkled in his long black hair.

“I need three hundred and sixty-five more tendrils like this before I can return the flame to its origin and help it become its own entity, a real fire!

“It needs to devour more ghost crystals if it wants to grow stronger. As for the hell of order…” Lu Yun regarded his conclusion with displeasure. “But these ghost crystals are obviously not part of the order of life in the third realm. Thats why the flame of order can ingest them and use them as nutrients. It… would seem that the more an existence violates order… the stronger it is… and the more useful it is to the flame.

“Those imprisoned in the hell of order should be entities that violate the nature of order. This flame of order… is more accurately called the hellfire of order!” Lu Yun murmured to himself.

If he used his own resources to cultivate order, the flame that he nurtured would just be a special type of fire. It would be able to immolate ghost crystals, but not absorb nutrients from them or give rise to the hell of order.

There was no fire of order in the realm, which was why his hellfire of order could be simply shortened to the fire of order. His fire was based off of the conceptions of the other five hellfires.

When he comprehended the existence of order, the other five hellfires immediately sketched a prototype of that hell and summoned a mold for its hellfire, planting it into Lu Yuns body.

All he needed to do was to continue to nurture its growth and strengthen it until it recreated the hell of order.

“There must be greater existences that violate order in the Hongmeng. Thats who the Enforcer Alliance hunts down, so Ill pay them a visit after I pacify Starspace Region and help Dragon Butterfly get her ancestral blood!” Lu Yun outlined his plans for the near future.-

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